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40 of Marion’s best mince recipes

Basic mince recipes begone! Transform the way you use ground meat.

Marion’s Best Lasagne

If you’re in a bit of a beef mince rut and you’re desperate to use your ground meat for something other than the ol’ faithful spag bol, these meal ideas are for you. From curries and tacos to soups and more, these best of the best mince recipes that Marion has created over the years will inspire your weeknight cooking. Quick, easy and versatile, we’ve got the goods using ground beef, pork, chicken and turkey.

Considered real Japanese comfort food, Japanese-style curry is typically eaten with rice and crumbed chicken or pork. The only way to make that more delicious is to turn it into a soup – think thick, chewy udon noodles, boosted with savoury chicken mince and finished with a whole raft of fun and delish toppings of your choosing. This is one mince recipe you don’t want to miss!

Now here’s a fun way to use up your Thai massaman curry paste AND your minced meat: make meatballs! Not only are we using those fragrant flavours in the meat itself, but we’re also creating a delicious curry sauce that’s just begging to be mopped up with some fresh bread.

Spicy pork mince, chillies and fragrant Thai basil, all on top of a crispy, chewy homemade pizza base? And did I mention there’s cheese involved, too? So much yes! My fusion pizza brings all those wonderful pad krapow Asian flavours onto your guilty pleasure.

Get set for noodles with a kick! If you’re looking to whip up a deliciously spicy meal in under 30 minutes, this ones for you. Here’s how to maximise beefiness, spice and all things nice in this killer dish.

Now THIS is a sandwich recipe! Crunchy baguettes stuffed with lemongrass-fragranced pork mince, fresh lettuce and chilli sauce for added punch. This is a perfect way to use ground pork in a summertime sandwich that isn’t just a hamburger. It’ll be love at first bite – promise.

Soft and tender chicken mince meatballs poached in a spicy Thai green curry sauce, with gorgeous Asian greens for added bite… what’s not to love? Perfect for weeknight dinners when you want curry in a hurry.

Beef mince is the weeknight hero ingredient to get behind. Here, we’re really giving it a whammy of flavour with the numbingly good Sichuan peppercorns and a simple but killer sauce. The broccoli adds crunch and freshness – try it out with broccolini or bok choy if you’re after something different.

Spag bol but not as you know it! This Chinese-esque bolognese sauce is a true weeknight hero. It’s full of rich, satisfying, porky flavours, with mushrooms added for a bit more veggie goodness. It’s easy to make, plus as the flavours are mild enough for kids, it’s bound to become a family staple in no time.

In a bit of a time crunch? Don’t stress, these tacos will have you devouring all their meaty goodness in just 15 minutes! Yep, we’re rocking the retro vibes and bringing back crunchy shells, filled with fresh toppings and a deliciously charred beef and chorizo mix that’s smoky and spicy. Nostalgia never tasted so good.

Tangy pork mince and chewy noodles are the heroes of this delicious sweet and sour dish. The addition of Sichuan pepper really brings on a delightful hum in your mouth, but feel free to leave it out if it’s not to your liking.

Ragu, spaghetti with meat sauce or just plain ol’ spag bol… it’s delicious whatever you want to call it! My version uses both ground beef and ground pork, and is spiked with some unconventional Asian ingredients, but is all the better for it. Get ready to discover your new favourite version of an old family classic.

Get your day off to a ‘cracking’ start, with these insanely good breakfast eggs with pops of peppery pork. The addition of mince to this one makes it ultra easy, it’ll be done and dusted in under 15 minutes, making it the perfect fuel for a lazy weekend.

Fiery pork noodles? Yep, so hot right now. Dive into this bowl of pure comfort and lose yourself in the spicy goodness. This one’s for the mince lovers who need a little spice in their life.

Cheeseburgers are my absolute guilty pleasure, which is exactly why they inspired this fun spring roll recipe! The perfect party pleaser, these will go down a treat with your family and friends. And thanks to the air fryer, there’s no deep-frying in sight. A fun way to use mince that you probably haven’t considered before!

I’m always shocked at how much flavour you can pack into beef mince, but this recipe really shows how vibrant and versatile this staple supermarket ingredient can be. This savoury mince is bursting with Indian spices, plus the tender potato adds a lovely creaminess.

An old-school favourite with an Asian twist – my meatloaf uses pork and veal mince, and Chinese char siu sauce for extra flavour. This new take on an old faithful is set to be a fan favourite in every household – try it, trust me.

This famous Indonesian fried rice is bursting with umami goodness, and the addition of beef mince keeps the prep and cook time to a minimum. Ideal for weeknights, this sweet and savoury stir-fried dish is quick, delicious and simple to make.

Zhuzh up your weeknight dinner offering with these budget-friendly but big-on-flavour lettuce cups. Lettuce, beef mince, they’re simple, they’re delicious, they’re set to be a new household classic.

This quick curry will be a weeknight favourite. Make your own easy chicken meatballs, add the contents of Marion’s Kitchen Thai Red Curry kit and dinner will be on the table quicksmart. The addition of mince and a meal kit make this flavour packed dinner SUPER quick.

Cheesy layers, optimum beefiness, rich sauce… you guys, this lasagne is next level, and doesn’t take a whole day to make. It’s not your traditional lasagne, of course – but with a few tips and a couple unconventional ingredients you’re going to have another dinner staple on your hands!

If you want an amazing soup but you don’t want to spend hours labouring over your stovetop – this is the one. Thia super quick and spicy pork noodle soup is done and dusted in just 20 minutes! Super-quick and super-yum, it’s a comforting classic when you’re in a rush.

When it comes to breakfast food, cereal or toast ain’t got nothin’ on this: hot and spicy pork with golden eggs and handfuls of fresh herbs. You’ll be up before your alarm with the promise of a breakfast like this one!

Meatballs. Oftentimes, they can be a bit… well… ‘meh’-balls. No longer! I’ve got just the technique to make them juicy, soft and tender. Chuck ‘em in a lettuce cup to add some extra flair to your not-so-mundane meatballs and you’re good to go.

There’s spicy, and then there’s this dish. If ever there was a tolerance test for how hot you can stand it, this would be it! Yes it’s fiery, but it’s also totally fabulous. If you’re up for a spice-filled challenge, this one’s for you.

Curry, beef, pastry – what more could you possibly ask for from a recipe? This is not your standard way to use beef mince. Yes, they’re a labour of love, but all good things to those who wait, I reckon!

I’m calling it: these meatballs are the bomb! Packed full of flavour, yet still so soft and tender, they’re the perfect companion to my epic tomato sauce and a bowl of freshly cooked spaghetti. If you’re looking to level up your meatball game, this is the way to go about it.

The comfort factor with this dish is off the charts! A savoury, meaty filling meets creamy, cheesy mashed potato for a match made in heaven. This is comfort food but not how you may know it.

When you’re short on time (hello, weeknights!) but in need of big, full-on flavour, look no further than these peanutty stir-fried udon noodles. My handy shortcuts and of course the ever faithful addition of chicken mince will get this family-friendly dinner on the table in less than 15 minutes.

Spice fans will love my take on this Sichuan classic: beef mince and a rich, spicy sauce that soaks into bouncy noodles. Guys, this weeknight dinner is a goodie for all the right reasons. Prepare to add this one to your regular, weeknight menu.

Dive into a bowl of these savoury, bouncy noodles, overflowing with delish, charred beef mince… no soggy, greyness in sight, I promise! My secret trick will get you winning results, every time.

Feeling in need of a healthier fix? My fried rice is packed full of lean protein, green vegetables and grains. Your fave takeaway feast but better for you. Enjoy one of the classics totally guilt free!

This pork & tomato dish isn’t something you’d find in many Thai restaurants, but it’s definitely something you’d find me eating at home on my couch. The texture of the fresh noodles combined with the peppery, porky gravy is just so so good. Comforting, delicious, it’s everything and more.

These succulent, juicy meatballs are melt-in-your-mouth yum, and it’s all thanks to the steaming action. I recommend you serve these as a shared appetiser with your nearest and dearest (or you could keep the whole plate to yourself, I won’t tell!).

Mix up your fried rice options with this spicy Korean-inspired version – it’s a goodie! Vegies, egg, beef mince and more all make friends in this winning savoury dish. And, for the perfect grains, don’t forget day-old rice is what you need! This is better than your run-of-the-mill fried rice.

Sausage rolls – who doesn’t love them? These delectable mini sausage rolls are the ultimate party food… make them and watch them fly off the table! Bursting with Thai flavours, these bite-sized beauties are even better dipped into a sweet chilli sauce.

Chewy, satisfying and full of sesame deliciousness – yum! Dinner is on the table in 15 minutes with this quick and easy stir-fry noodle dish. I like to add a sprinkling of chilli powder to crank up the spice factor, but feel free to customise as you wish.

I loved these pork meatballs as a kid, and I definitely haven’t grown out of them! With a standout Thai taste, they’re super yum. You can even make my homemade Thai sweet chilli sauce, which is perfect for dippage!

This kid-friendly fried rice is a big hit in my household – it’s packed full of veggies, has zero spice (although you can add yours after you serve the little ones!) and has fun egg ‘noodles’ on top. Both the young and the young-at-heart will love this total crowd-pleaser.

The perfect party food, these bite-sized pork toasts are totally moreish – you can’t just stop at one! I loved these as a kid, with their crispy, savoury goodness, dipped into sticky, sweet sauce. Amazing! Easy and delicious: what’s not to love?

Burgers are a classic way to use mince, and this one has all the spicy, porky, pickley goodness you’ve been needing in your life. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to prep the ingredients, and then everyone can assemble their own burger bun with more or less spice, according to taste.

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