The best steak needs the best pan. Shop MAKO Steak Pan →

The best steak needs the best pan. Shop MAKO Steak Pan →

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Marion’s Kitchen

The perfect finishing touches to all your favourite recipes.

A cheeky drizzle. A hefty squeeze. An ample smattering. Whether you’re using them lightly or generously, the Marion’s Kitchen condiments are the perfect way to elevate your dishes further.

Can’t get enough of crispy fried eggs, or want to add a hit of heat to your noodles? Try adding a spoonful of crispy chilli oil on top. Wanting a dip for your spring rolls, wedges or fries? Reach for the coconut sweet chilli sauce. After a spicy sauce for taco night or to fire up your fried rice? Coconut Sriracha has you covered. And that’s just the beginning.

On chips, as dips or simply used to make your dumplings, stir-fries, sandwiches, noodles and more that little bit *extra*, our collection of condiments are as versatile as they are delicious. Oh, and they’re made using homemade recipes, honest ingredients and no nasties. Ever. 

Which will you reach for next?

Made with love

Crispy Chilli Oil

Chilli Oil – 190 g

Coconut Sriracha

Chilli Sauces – 396 g

Coconut Sweet Chilli

Chilli Sauces – 396 g