The best steak needs the best pan. Shop MAKO Steak Pan →

The best steak needs the best pan. Shop MAKO Steak Pan →

What are the best ways to cook beef?

The most common, and most popular way to cook beef is grilling. This technique is used generally for steaks and for cooking burger patties or even searing meatballs – try it with our Pepper Steak with Garlic Butter recipe. But beef is super versatile, you can use beef in stir fry’s, use minced beef in just about everything, and of course you can roast it! 


Beef in all forms is the ultimate dinner time saviour, stir fry it, grill it, roast it, slow cook it! The world is your oyster when it comes to using beef in your cooking.


How do you keep beef moist and tender?

Using marinades tends to help keep beef tender, letting it come to room temperature before cooking is also a top tip to keep your steaks nice and juicy on the inside. Velveting is another popular technique that has been used for centuries in Chinese cooking. Making sure you’ve hit the desired internal temperature will also help to ensure your beef stays tender and juicy regardless of the beef recipe you’re using. If you’re cooking a steak it’s also important to let it rest, this way all the juices say inside and you’re left with an epic crust and tender middle combo.