Marion’s Kitchen noodle recipes

Who doesn’t love some good noodle recipes? Fast, filling and fabulous, they’re a great pantry standby and totally kid-friendly. Why not try Marion’s Ramen Noodle Soup, or perhaps the Korean Army Stew?


We have oodles of noodles for every occasion, from slow-cooked, set and forget noodle soups, weeknight noodles that make dinner time a breeze and even noodle recipes that are perfect for a two-day weekend project with your friends and fam! Rice noodles, udon, ramen and soooo many more…no one should ever say no to noodles! 


Have fun with the choices in this comprehensive recipe collection, and prepare to fall in love with all noodles have to offer! 

What are the most popular noodle dishes?

Noodles are uber popular everywhere, but they’re especially popular throughout Asia. Whether its egg noodles, rice noodles or wheat noodles we have noodle recipes for some of the most popular dishes in the world! There’s ramen, of course, that originates in Japan. Pho which is a rice noodle dish from Vietnam, the classic Pad Thai from Thailand. Yakisoba – another Japanese classic, Chow mein from China, Japchae from South Korea. Shoyu ramen which is a soy based ramen from Japan and of course pancit from the Philippines.  


We have all the fan favourite noodle dishes plus some Asian fusion inspired noodles that you probably haven’t ever heard of before! 


What else can I add to noodles?

Noodles are so, so versatile and that’s part of the beauty of them! You can stir fry them or use them as a base for your broths and soups.


You can add just about anything to your noodles, you can add your fave proteins – be it chicken, beef or tofu! You can also add as much (or as little) veg as you like. You can add noodles to your fave soups to make them a bit more substantial. 


You can add sauces and marinades to add extra flavour to your noodles, of course there’s soy sauce but there’s no limit to how creative you can be when it comes to noodle toppings! 


How do you flavour your own noodles?

You can add extra flavour to your noodles by pairing them with different sauces, soups and broths. One of the best things about noodles is that they follow a similar rule to tofu, where they essentially taste like whatever you put them with. Go crazy with your noodle toppings and figure out what you like best!