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44 summer recipes to bring on the summertime gladness

So easy, you won't even break a sweat.

Green Curry Crispy Snapper

Ah, summer! It’s our favourite time of year – warm weather, loads of seasonal fruit and veg, and getting together with mates for backyard barbecues or sunset dinner parties. But what summer recipes should you whip up for your fam and friends? We’ve got you covered with 44 of the BEST summer recipes. These are super fresh, chock full of beautiful in-season produce and quick and easy to whip up thanks to our Marion’s Kitchen food products, leaving you with more time to catch some rays and enjoy the hotter temperatures. Your summertime menu is sorted!

These chorizo beef tacos are chock full of fresh veg and a deliciously charred beef and chorizo mix that is both smoky AND spicy, all stuffed into a hard shell taco for extra crunch. Drown these bad boys in our Coconut Sriracha (we put it on everything, as shown here) and you have the ultimate speedy, summer dinner.

This delish summer snack will have you getting all kinds of creative! Fill them with whatever veg and protein your heart desires, then roll ‘em up and dip ‘em in our spicy peanut sauce. Super fresh and with minimal cooking. Summer dinners don’t get much better!

Now THIS is the ultimate summer sandwich recipe. Crunchy baguettes, stuffed with lemongrass-fragranced pork, fresh lettuce and a generous dash of our Coconut Sriracha. This will be love at first bite!

These ultra fragrant Thai green curry skewers are made super easy by using our Marion’s Kitchen Thai Green Curry Meal Kit (you could also use our green curry paste if you live in Australia). Grill these on the barbecue for the ultimate summer weekend lunch!

Crispy beer batter, flaky fish and crunchy fries… you can now make this summer takeaway favourite at home! Serve this recipe with a spicy mayo and you’ve got yourself a fish and chips feast that’s way better than takeout, every time.

Prepare to have all the flavours of Vietnam right in your own kitchen. This quick and easy noodle salad shines the spotlight on lemongrass and garlic. It’s super fresh, super zingy and the perfect addition to your summertime menu.

If you’re looking to add to your summer salad repertoire, look no further. This one is full of juicy prawns, sweet pops of fresh pineapple, bouncy noodles and spicy hits of chilli. Ideal for your next barbecue, we reckon!

This summer-y steak dinner is fast and furiously good! And it’s all made in the one-pan… hello, summer of minimal dishes! Our Honey Soy Garlic Marinade makes this dinnertime saviour extra easy (and extra tasty).

Crunchy, crispy, spicy fried chicken – stuffed into a light and fluffy bao bun (pssssst, if you want to make the bao buns yourself we have a meal kit for that! *wink*). It doesn’t get much better than this, and you won’t believe the secret ingredient.

There’s just nothing like a delicious sandwich on crunchy bread…and this po’boy is the PERFECT sandwich for this season. Chock full of crispy lettuce, fresh herbs, spicy sauce, zingy pickles AND the star of the show: beer battered, deep-fried shrimp. SO good!

We’ve got that summertime, summertime gladness! These quick and easy fritters made by Mama Noi are the perfect snack for every occasion, and her secret Thai ingredients make them extra tasty. Dunk them in our coconut sriracha (told you it goes with everything) for a full-on flavour bomb.

Tis the season for tacos – and these ones are flaming good! Citrussy, spicy and tequila-y, these tacos are everything you need on a hot summer’s day. If you’re cooking for kids, feel free to veto the tequila.

These salmon skewers are the perfect addition to your outdoor BBQ. With that delicious signature smoky sear, you won’t be able to stop at just one. Not a fan of salmon? No stress! You can try this recipe out with chicken, pork or beef as well.

Another BBQ skewer that will quickly become a firm favourite. Here, super-juicy prawns are deliciously marinated and chargrilled to perfection. Don’t forget to dunk them in our coconut sweet chilli for that sweet, spicy tang.

You need to add this salmon salad to your summer recipe rotation, ASAP! Super sticky and uber-tender salmon is paired with tart pops of apple, fresh herbs and crunchy coconut flakes. The star of the show is the chilli caramel drizzle. You need this salad in your life – trust me!

The ultimate finger food for when the mercury rises, this slow-cooked pulled pork is marinated in a sticky chilli, ginger marinade then baked atop of cheesy nachos. Top with lashings of guac and wedges of fresh lime and you’re good to go!

The secret to eating more veg this summer? Wrap your dinner in lettuce! These hand held wonders are savoury, tangy and have just the right amount of crunch. Drizzle with kewpie mayo and our coconut sriracha and dinner’s sorted.

Perfectly flaked salmon with a crunchy salad and our coconut sweet chilli dressing. This is one ripper summer weeknight meal! It’s everything you want in a salad. Enjoy!

This isn’t a side hustle of a salad, my friends: this is the star of the show. Epic steak, fresh herbs, a Vietnamese-style dressing… and crunchy, umami-loaded toppings. Yep, this summer salad is ANYTHING but sad.

If you’re wondering what to do with your BBQ pulled pork leftovers, this recipe will absolutely put them to good use! This tasty lunch is perfect for a picnic on a summer’s day – it’s like the perfect cross between a gyros and a banh mi.

If you love fried chicken and the flavour of Thai red curry, then we’ve combined the two to make the most epic burger around. Juicy and tender with one heck of a crunch… and we’re even giving the mayo a zhuzh with some of our very own curry paste.

The one thing you want from summer recipes is that they are FAST. No one wants to be slaving away over the stove on a hot summer day, fact. This sticky, oven-baked salmon soaks up the marinade perfectly and, paired with a spicy heap of dressed veggies, makes one heck of a weeknight dish.

Few people can resist a sweet, tender and succulent prawn on a summer afternoon… fewer still when there’s gorgeously crisp batter and a sticky, tangy sweet and sour sauce involved!

Crispy fried fish tacos SCREAM summer. Something about the crispy fish, the ripe avo, and the spicy coconut sriracha make this the perfect taco recipe. Don’t just save these for Taco Tuesdays, folks!

Sweet potato gives a mellow earthiness to this salad, and the pops of mint bring herbaceous freshness and zing to every mouthful. Paired with the tangy Vietnamese dressing, this is a knockout summer salad.

These wraps are ideal for a quick and easy summer lunch. A true handheld hero, and that spicy satay sauce is a giver of life.

This super-speedy salad comes together in just 15 minutes, making it ideal for summer weeknights or a fuss-free side to a weekend barbecue. Drenched in our tangy Vietnamese dressing, this is one salad you’ll want over and over and over again.

These meatballs are packed with savoury goodness and literally melt in your mouth. Serve with crispy lettuce cups for some extra freshness and you’re done. Win!

Tender shredded beef, cooked in a rich and warming spiced massaman curry sauce, then piled into soft shell tacos with all your favourite toppings. Fuss-free and super fresh. Taco Tuesday just got a glow-up.

It’s sweet and sour pork belly, just better! This slow-cooked version is fall-apart tender, rich and sweet, and pairs so well with a fresh, tart pineapple ‘slaw on the side. It’s crunchy, it’s vibrant, it’s a summery take on the classic.

These crowd-pleasing crustaceans are marinated in our Thai red curry paste, delicately fragranced by the pandan leaves they’re wrapped up in. The perfect appetiser, snack or party food dish, it’s a classic seafood starter to keep your sleeve this summer.

Perfect for your next backyard barbecue or outdoor gathering, these charred corn cobs will get demolished in seconds. Basted in buttery, salty and spicy goodness, they’re the ideal vegetable side to serve up to guests… and so easy to grill, too. Summer never tasted so good.

It’s a spicy meatball sub but not as you know it! This one is loaded with pickled carrot, coconut sriracha and kewpie mayonnaise. And it’s insanely good – this just could be the best banh mi yet!

The perfect dish to whip up this summer if you’re wanting to impress. This Thai green curry crispy snapper is golden, tender and saturated with flavour. With a generous squeeze of zingy lime and a handful of herbs to bring added freshness. The perfect bite is right around the corner.

This chicken salad is spiked with punchy Vietnamese flavours, and comes together in minutes. It’s the ideal stress-free summer salad for absolutely any occasion.

These bite-sized fritters are the perfect start to any summer get-together. Crisp and savoury with sweet chunks of delicate prawn, they’re even better dunked into a tangy sauce.

Think potato salad is gluggy, bland and boring? Then think again, because this version is amazingly savoury, and the bacon takes it beyond basic.

This baked salmon makes your summer weeknight dinners EASY. Panko breadcrumbs and sweet chilli sauce coating give this a crunchy, spicy kick – pair it with a simple salad or some steamed greens and you’ve got a killer dinner on the table, quicksmart!

Get your veggie fix with this vibrant healthy bowl of colourful goodness. It’s packed with heaps of super-crunchy veg and sticky, caramelised chicken. The best part? It only uses one pan, so cleaning up is as easy as anything.

A quick and easy stir-fry is a fab summer weeknight meal, from fridge to plate in under 30 minutes. Toss those prawns into your wok with Marion’s Kitchen Thai Red Curry kit.

Caesar salad is an iconic summer salad in its own right, but this take is (dare we say it) even better than the original. The Thai basil and coconut dressing pairs perfectly with the crunchy, crumbed chicken, parmesan and bacon. Truly epic.

Beer battered prawns are the ultimate summer staple, and this batter is guaranteed to get next level crunch every. single. time. Dunk these delicious morsels in some spicy mayo and you’re sorted.

Mix up your usual pad Thai for the summer by wrapping it in a fluffy, eggy omelette. The Marion’s Kitchen Pad Thai meal kit makes light work of this dinner dish, meaning you can enjoy the sunshine and have dinner on the table in record time!

It doesn’t get more summertime than tacos… and these ones are filled with so much goodness! Red curry pork belly, super crispy iceberg lettuce and an easy tomato salsa for extra freshness. A real crowd-pleaser.

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