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Get your hands on Marion’s LATEST cookbook, Just As Delicious. Order Now

9 of the best taco recipes to try this Taco Tuesday

Totally diggin’ tacos.

Beef Massaman Tacos

Handheld food: it’s a vibe. Which is why tacos for dinner is a firm favourite for many of us. Incredibly versatile, packed with flavour and freshness, and a great meal to serve family style, you can’t go wrong with this weeknight favourite. So, whether you’re embracing the Taco Tuesday movement and need some inspiration or just fancy a Tex-Mex or fantastic fusion option for your next gathering of loved ones, check out eight of the best taco recipes going.

9 Taco Tuesday recipes

Grab your soft shells and get ready for our round-up of taco filling ideas. From a speedy beef mince taco recipe to a prawn taco recipe that features tequila (yes, you read that right!), these recipes are spec-taco-lar.

It’s time for another speedy time challenge bonanza: beef mince tacos… made in a mere 15 minutes! Yep, we’re rocking the retro vibes and bringing back crunchy shells, filled with fresh toppings and a deliciously charred beef and chorizo mix that’s smoky and spicy. Nostalgia never tasted so good.

Time for tacos – and these ones are flaming good! Bring a taste of Mexico (with an Asian twist, naturally!) to the dinner table with these handheld heroes of tastiness. Cooking for little ones? Feel free to skip the tequila to make this a kids taco recipe.

Tender shredded beef, cooked in a rich and warming spiced massaman curry sauce, then piled into soft shell tacos with all your favourite toppings. Fresh and fabulous. Taco Tuesday just got a glow-up.

Not just for Taco Tuesdays… these crispy fish tacos with all the trimmings are perfect any day of the week!

Tacos are always a hit in my household, and these Korean-inspired offerings even more so! Beautifully marinated, tender beef, crunchy fresh cabbage and a spicy mayo… these are umami-laden parcels of pure delight.

Tacos with a Thai twist, made simple with Marion’s Kitchen Thai Green Curry kit. Soft tortillas topped with tomato salsa and avocado are the perfect weekend lunch, easy to serve and eat at a barbecue or picnic.

Fish tacos: so good, so hard to get right. Not any more! This grilled salmon version really is a cinch, and will really zhuzh up your next family dinner.

Ok, so this one’s not STRICTLY a pulled pork taco recipe… but it IS a recipe for pulled pork and a killer ‘slaw. So we reckon if you add some soft shells to the mix, you’ve got one heck of a meal on your hands.

Let everyone fill their own tacos with melt-in-your-mouth slow-cooked pork belly flavoured with Thai red curry and coconut milk. An easy fresh tomato salsa and shredded iceberg lettuce adds a fresh crunch.

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