Marion’s Kitchen Coconut Sriracha recipes

Our Coconut Sriracha is much-loved… and for good reason! This aromatic Thai chilli sauce will add heat to any dish, plus the coconut provides a unique creamy element. Use it generously or sparingly, according to your preference and create memorable meals – for midweek or the weekend.

Is coconut Sriracha spicy?

Our Marion’s Kitchen Coconut Sriracha Sauce, is a combination of sriracha sauce with a hint of coconut. Coconut sriracha has a slightly milder taste thanks to the coconut – but it’s still got that classic sriracha chilli spice hit! 


What can sriracha be used for?

Sriracha can be used for anything and everything! Add it to soups and stews for some extra spice, use it as a spicy dipping sauce or a spicy marinade. Add it to sandwiches and salads for a hit of chilli, or mix it with your fave mayo for a more mild spicy mayo dipping sauce.