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You’ll love these things to put sriracha on

I’ll have sriracha on my sriracha, please.

You’ll love these things to put sriracha on

Now, we may be biased here at Marion’s Kitchen HQ, but we can’t get enough of our Coconut Sriracha chilli sauce. It’s a little bit creamy, a teeny bit tangy and seriously spicy… and we’re convinced that it goes with anything and everything (case in point: our extra-long list of coconut sriracha recipes). But what are the best things to put sriracha on?

Best Things To Put Sriracha On

Our coconut sriracha is a top seller… and for good reason!

This hot sauce of champions is our go-to at any meal, any time. And we’re not the only ones who love that chilli kick. In fact, one person even left us a review that they have sriracha on top of their breakfast cereal each morning! While we haven’t gone that far, what we HAVE done is some serious hot sauce dabbling. From your typical dips and drizzles to your more unusual uses, here are our favourite ways to enjoy coconut sriracha sauce.

Sandwiches, pittas and wraps

How to make a desk lunch a whole lot better? Add sriracha! Us guys love a healthy dose of Coconut Sriracha on our sarnies, from toasted melts and jaffles to overflowing pittas and soft tortilla wraps. De-lish.

Ditch trail mix, make these sriracha nuts instead

Best Things To Put Sriracha On

We get that nuts make a totally moreish snack. But you know what makes them the stuff of legend? Coating them in our favourite sauce, sesame seeds and other good stuff, and then baking them in the oven. Nommmz for dayz. Check out our Sriracha Cashews recipe and go nuts.

Dipping hot chips

Potato and sriracha. What’s not to love? Whether you prefer a slam dunk double-dip scenario or opt for a lavish drizzle sitch, chips and hot sauce were made for each other. Also… these potato pancakes. We’ll just leave that one there.

Avocado toast, just better

This one goes out to all the Aussies. Avo toast is a breakfast staple here in Australia, and a firm favourite with us guys. And you know what else? It’s EVEN BETTER with tangy sriracha on top.

Make a batch of sriracha popcorn

Best Things To Put Sriracha On

Love a movie sesh on the sofa but hate the fact your kids stuff their faces with all your popcorn? Then make a batch of spicy sriracha popcorn. No stealing anymore, kidlets.

Salad dressing

We’ve got heaps of inspiration for anything-but-sad salads, but sometimes when your energy levels are low but you want dinner fast with a handful of greens on the side, we reach for the sriracha. Baby spinach leaves or rocket totally get dialled up a notch with a drizzle of the spicy stuff. Add a sprinkle of pepitas if you’re feeling fancy.

Taco sauce of champions

doesn’t discriminate: this chilli sauce really does go with everything. Try it on these Wok-flamed Tequila Shrimp Tacos and see what we mean.

Drizzled on top of fried eggs

Best Things To Put Sriracha On

Fried eggs have that delightfully creamy, jammy consistency that pairs seamlessly with spice. We absolutely love a spot of chilli crisp fried eggs, but it’s a tough call between that and coconut sriracha as the ultimate egg topping.

Mixed in with baked beans

This may or may not be controversial… but one team member here at Marion’s Kitchen swears by adding a (large) splash of sriracha to their baked beans as they’re cooking. Then simply pop ‘em on some buttered toast, serve with a cooked breakfast or as a side with your BBQ. That hot kick is awesome with the beans’ tomato sauce base… and they’re never eating regular beans again.

Brushed on grilled corn

Sriracha & Miso Charred Corn on the Cob

We love corn! As does Mama Noi, who’s got a cracking recipe up her sleeve for the tastiest big lump of knobs ever.

On top of fried rice or noodles

A zig-zag squirt of zingaling spiciness makes us love fried rice or stir-fried noodles even more. Although because we’re not TOTAL animals we tend to save the sriracha drizz for the leftovers rather than wreaking havoc with recipes as they’re originally intended. But you do you, boo.

On top of ice cream

Yeah, it’s a thing. Sriracha sauce on ice cream is loved the world over (ahem, have you tried our Chilli Crisp Ice Cream Sundae yet?). It’s like brain freeze meets tongue-numbing meets fiery goodness.

Mixed with creamy stuff

The tangy, spicy essence of sriracha sauce goes amazingly well with anything that’s creamy. We love mixing it with cream cheese and then slathering it on top of a toasted bagel, or whipping up with some cream as a dip for potato wedges. Or why not give everyday hummus a hum of heat by stirring some hot sauce through it? Drooling just thinking about it…

Squirted on your cheesy pasta

As noted above, sriracha and creamy stuff is a match made in heaven. And by extension, that also means anything cheesy. Sorry Italians, it seems we can’t get through a single bowl of cheese-adorned pasta without a little love from our spicy friend. Mac ‘n’ cheese, we see you.

As a marinade for meat…

Coconut Sriracha Chicken Bowl

One of our much-loved ways of putting Coconut Sriracha to good use would have to be as a marinade. Mama Noi loves a Sticky Sriracha Chicken Rice Bowl on a busy weeknight!

… and veggies

Roasted Coconut Sriracha Cauliflower

Roasted cauliflower with a sriracha kick? We’ll have seconds of that spicy side dish, thanks!

Served with Vietnamese pho

Pho soup is flavourful enough as it is, we get it. But we can’t get through a meal without hot sauce, so on the side it goes, ready for dipping those tender meat morsels. And boy, does it elevate things even more!

Spicy mayo to get excited about

Mayonnaise and sriracha: it just works. A true saucy sensation. Don’t believe us? Pimp your brekky with our Char Siu Bacon & Eggs with Sriracha Mayo recipe and thank us later.

Dipping spring rolls

Mini Prawn Spring Rolls

Sweet chilli, plum sauce, sriracha sauce… we know which one we’ll be dunking our spring rolls into first.

Use it as a pizza base sauce

Oh, we are HERE for this one.

And don’t forget the drinks!

Bloody Mary? Knock Mary’s socks off with a sriracha sauce twist. You could also try adding a splash to your spicy frozen margarita mix.

How good are these ideas for things to put sriracha on?! We can’t wait to see what you do with yours – don’t forget to tag us on the socials! In the meantime, try these other coconut sriracha recipes and get your chilli sauce fix.

Coconut Sriracha recipes to try

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