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It’s Marion’s birthday! Get yourself a gift with purchase.

Marion’s Kitchen pad Thai recipes

Marion’s pad Thai meal kit is the perfect base for a wonderful variety of weekday meals. Try it with the traditional chicken or mix it up with prawns and egg (we also love the omelette recipe!).

What is Pad Thai sauce made of?

Pad Thai is a super iconic dish when it comes to Thai cuisine, not only is it super popular within Thailand, it’s super popular in the western world, too! Pad Thai sauce is typically made up of a combination of sweet, salty and funky ingredients. The sauce generally contains tamarind concentrate, palm sugar, fish sauce and dark soy sauce. 


What is the main flavour in Pad Thai?

Pad Thai has a super unique and super delicious flavour profile. Pad Thai is a sweet and savoury fusion with added saltiness and some added spice. You can always alter the spice level of your Pad Thai if you’re making this one from scratch.