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40 crowd-pleasing recipes for when you need to bring a plate

BYO dishes to impress your mates, colleagues or in-laws.

Thai Curry Puffs

Parties are (mostly) a good time. Friends, family, music, laughter… all the essential ingredients for a quality knees-up. But you know what can often strike fear in people’s hearts (other than the ambiguously defined dress code that is ‘smart casual’) when parties are involved? The request on the invite to ‘bring a plate’. Gulp. What are you supposed to take? Does a packet of chips from the nearest servo count? (We’re going to go out on a limb here and say that would be a hard NO.) Don’t just be another sad salad in a sea of unappetising offerings. These bring a plate recipes will make sure you’re the go-to guest who your host can reply on to bring the flavour this holiday season

Best bring a plate recipes

Check out our enticing list of appetiserssnackssides and anything-but-boring salads to choose from, then go forth and create the good times.

The perfect party food! These bite-sized pork toasts are beyond moreish (especially when dunked into sriracha) – we dare you to stop at just one.

Garlic bread is already amazing, but we’ve made it EXTRA amazing with our Asian twist. The combo of confit garlic, Korean gochujang, butter and of course cheese makes this garlic bread a real winner. This is a perfect side, starter or snack – get amongst it.

Cheeseburgers – who doesn’t love ‘em? Add all the elements to a spring roll and WOW, that sounds like a good time.

You never need a reason for nachos, especially when they taste as good as these ones. Crunchy, crispy and insanely cheesy, this is one ultra-easy party favour that will disappear, quicksmart.

Crispy onion rings are the side dish of champions. But want to know how to make them even better? Make ‘em Asian! Yep, I’m making Korean-style onion rings to knock your socks off. Fry up a batch and bring a plate of these to the party – everyone will love you for it.

These are an audience favourite for a reason! The homemade golden pastry on these curry puffs is so, so good – it just melts in your mouth.

Bring these, win their hearts. ‘Nuff said.

For something slightly more virtuous, this is one utterly delicious plate of veg. Roasted baby carrots enjoy a drizzle of tangy Vietnamese dressing, before a hefty helping of fresh chilli and crunchy peanuts finish things off.

Beer battered prawns are a staple. And this top-notch, fuss-free batter brings an epic crunch every time, guaranteed. Dunk this deep-fried deliciousness into the signature spicy mayo and you have the perfect party companion.

This is hands down the EASIEST bread recipe ever – did somebody say no kneading required? And we haven’t met anyone who’s not a fan of fluffy dough smothered in cheesy, garlicky goodness. Thank us later.

They’re like tater tots but better! Chock full of sweet potato and salmon, this party snack is what tater tots wish they were. Crumbed and baked until golden perfection – this is one handy party trick to keep up your sleeve.

A winner recipe with only 4 ingredients? So much yes. These fritters will FLY no matter the occasion.

Is it even a party if you don’t have a serving of mac? Probs not. Our version of mac and cheese is one of our most popular bring a plate recipes

These prawn cutlets are sure to be the eat-it-one-handed hero of your next gathering – they’re so easy to eat (and you don’t even have to put your drink down). And that tangy pickled plum sauce for dipping is pretty spesh, not gonna lie.

The ultimate party companion if you’ve got vegetarians in the group, this spicy, crispy cauli will be a hit with vegos and meat-eaters alike.

Bring some Indian spice to your next get-together with this simple but flavour-packed veggie side.

Stretchy, savoury bread with a deliciously oozy, cheesy filling… this pull-apart homemade goodness is perfect for sharing! Take this along to a party if you’ve got people you want to impress.

These bite-sized balls of goodness are the perfect addition to any party table, making them an ideal bring a plate recipe. With a standout Thai taste, they’re super yum. Try them dipped into sweet chilli sauce for an extra flavour punch.

This stunner of a salad is guaranteed to bring some freshness to your festivities. Pops of apple, creamy potatoes and crunchy cabbage – this is no ordinary potato salad.

Our kind of vegetarian food. The perfect way to get rid of leftover veggies in your fridge AND bring a delicious snack to your shindig – two birds, one stone, people!

Slow-cooked pulled pork, marinated in a sticky chilli ginger sauce, then baked with cheesy nachos. Is your mouth watering yet? This is one epic party dish – it makes two trays so there’s plenty to go ‘round!

Does anything scream Christmas as much as gingerbread does? These green beans got some serious special treatment with this gingerbread crumb, and it’s enough to earn you a slot of the best-guest-ever list.

Kimchi meets cheese meets flaky pastry… these party puffs are full of my favourite things! Even better? You can make them ahead of the celebrations, so all you have to do on the big day is bake and eat.

Fact: no party platter is complete without a batch of freshly made spring rolls. Rustle up a batch and bring a plate of these to your holiday party for an appetiser to please the masses.

You can (and should) make friends with this salad! It’s fresh, crunchy, super simple and totally epic, with just enough bite to cut through all that roast meat action you’ll be tucking into.

Sweet potato gives a mellow earthiness to this salad, and the pops of mint bring herbaceous freshness and zing to every mouthful. Paired with the tangy Vietnamese dressing, this is a knockout salad that your fellow guests will LOVE.

Mama Noi knows best… and she knows that her Thai corn fritters are destined to be a firm favourite at any gathering this holiday season. The secret Thai ingredients make these extra tasty, too.

Who said making homemade bread had to be difficult? This minimal-effort focaccia involves no kneading, and it truly is exceptional.

Think potato salad is gluggy, bland and boring? Then think again, because this version is amazingly savoury, and the bacon takes it beyond basic. Everyone will be asking for the recipe for this one.

Tangy, spicy, fresh and fragrant – this is a vceggie version of Thai laab salad and it is SO GOOD. that cauliflower, that dressing – your party people will be begging for more.

Look, there’s something about crispy potatoes that SCREAMS party. But when drizzled with a Thai green curry sauce and topped with golden cheesy goodness? That’s gold standard. These  humble tater tots just got elevated to new heights – perfect party treat, trust!

What’s better than dumplings? Dumplings dunked in cheesy breadcrumbs and fried, that’s what! These moreish, crunchy parcels are full of savoury goodness, and the chilli adds the perfect spicy finish. Serve these up as an appetiser and everyone you love will thank you for it.

If you thought meatballs were always bland and boring, think again. These gorgeous bites are crunchy and gnarly on the outside, but jam-packed with freshness and flavour on the inside. So good, you won’t be able to stop. Perfect for a party, I reckon!

With its creamy interior and crunchy outer, oven-roasted cauliflower is the perfect vessel for a dressing of champions: in this case, my miso and sesame vinaigrette. Gnarly, salty bacon boosts the savoury factor. Salad doesn’t get much better, if you ask me!

The cornflake crumb on these delicately flavoured prawns gives off such a loud crunch, you’ll have to apologise to the neighbours for all the commotion. Golden, crispy and the perfect friend-making dish to take to a party.

Got leftover pulled pork? Then make these leftover pulled pork spring rolls! Soft, tender and with the irresistible pull of mozzarella with every mouthful, they’re the perfect snack or starter to feed your nearest and dearest.

If summer was a dish, this potato salad would be it! Fresh, sweet and vibrant with a tangy lime dressing, this side dish is so tasty, it’ll easily be the star attraction at your next gathering.

I love these mini morsels as a party snack… and I love the fact I can make them ahead even more! You can store the uncooked prawn toasts in the fridge for up to a day, or if you’re really prepared you can freeze them for up to a month. How’s that for planning!

Impossibly crispy chicken wings and the most delicious sweet and sticky glaze… there’s no soggy skin in sight with these fried little friends of mine! All I can say is: wow. If you’re super-organised, marinate them in the fridge the night before your event for even more flavour.

Make the traditional restaurant classic at home with my version of Chinese spring onion pancakes. They’re a little bit crispy, a little bit flaky… and a whole lot of delicious! Add a spicy dipping sauce and you’ve got the best ever party food to bung on a plate and wow the masses.

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