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Anything but sad: easy salads that ACTUALLY taste good

Vibrant. Zippy. Fresh. This is the salad compilation of your virtuous dreams.

Sichuan Fried Chicken & Radish Salad

No-one likes soggy lettuce, fact. But salads can be anything but sad – especially when they’re full of texture, tang and a symphony of flavours with every mouthful. Yep, salads can be a legit, standalone meal: hearty, satisfying and totally crave-worthy. Whether they’re bulked out with noodles, roasted veg or crispy chicken, one thing’s for sure: you’ll love these recipes for easy salads that ACTUALLY taste good.

Quick and easy salads you’ll want seconds of

If there’s one thing you need to know about me, it’s that I don’t do bland. I want off-the-radar flavour, texture by the bucketful and all-round deliciousness. From Thai salads and san choy bow handheld heroes, I’ve got the recipe compilation you’re in need of. Get ready to tuck into some tasty salads that go with seafood, chicken, pork and much, much more…

Thai Roasted Cauliflower Laab Salad

Tangy, spicy, fresh and fragrant… this veggie version of Thai laab salad is so good, you’ll be crying out for more. Cauliflower is the perfect vessel for that divine dressing, and it really soaks up all those flavours perfectly.

Gado Gado

While Indonesian gado gado is traditionally served with fried tofu or tempeh, my version throws in some chicken skewers for a satay-esque spin. Serve it family style so everyone can help themselves to a truly celebratory salad.

Thai-style Salmon & Herb Salad

Tender fish, fresh herbs and a spicy-sour dressing to tie it all together. Knockout status.

Fried Chicken Laab San Choy Bow

Fresh, crispy lettuce parcels filled with fried chicken? All the flavours of a Thai laab salad and all the crunch of a san choy bow? So much yes. Salad just got interesting.

Chilli Caramel Salmon Salad

The star of the show in this easy salad recipe is that chilli caramel that bastes both the fish and acts as a final drizzled flourish at the end. Serve this Vietnamese-inspired dish as a starter, side or main – it’s fabulous either way.

Roasted Cauliflower, Bacon & Pepita Salad

With its creamy interior and crunchy outer, oven-roasted cauliflower is the perfect vessel for a dressing of champions: in this case, my miso and sesame vinaigrette. Gnarly, salty bacon boosts the savoury factor. Salad doesn’t get much better.

Miso Grilled Chicken Salad Bowl

One of my most popular salad recipes and, well… one look at that gloss on the chicken and it’s easy to see why. The umami flavour in the miso pairs perfectly with grilled chicken, edamame beans and cherry tomatoes for a summer salad that is super more-ish.

Roast Beef ‘Tataki’ & Miso Pumpkin Salad

Marion’s version of Japanese tataki sees melt-in-the-mouth tender beef fillet in a beautiful, umami-rich marinade. Served with a fresh and fabulous tasty salad, and you’ve got a weekend lunch of champions to impress your loved ones.

Thai Basil & Coconut Chicken ‘Caesar’ Salad

This is my riff on a Caesar salad – and dare we say it – a much better version than the traditional! Not that there’s anything wrong with the humble Caesar salad (or Cae Sal as Molly Baz calls it) – we love it as much as the next person. But the basil and coconut dressing in this one pairs perfectly with the crunchy, crumbed chicken, parmesan and bacon. It’s truly epic.

Christmas Asian ‘Slaw

Fresh, crunchy, simple but oh-so epic, this Asian coleslaw is all the things. It’s salad, just better.

Epic Korean Potato Salad

Pops of apple, creamy potatoes and crunchy cabbage bring the party to your tastebuds. The Korean chilli flakes in the homemade salad dressing are next-level, too.

How To: Ultimate Thai Beef Salad

Bring freshness to the table and enjoy a lighter dinner option with this tasty Thai salad. It’s the perfect balance of melt-in-the-mouth seared steak, gorgeous herby goodness and crunch. 

Vietnamese-style Chicken Salad

A chicken salad like no other, this dish is sweet, salty, tangy, crunchy. Oooof. What a combo.

How to make a bowl of dumplings feel more virtuous? Just add salad! Here, I’ve combined the two and I’m not even sorry – it’s fresh, filling and downright delicious. 

Crying Tiger Beef Lettuce Wraps

It might be called Crying Tiger Beef, but the only tears will be ones of PURE JOY once you serve up this share platter at your next party. Perfectly seared steak, fresh herbs and a killer sauce make this ‘salad’ the hottest dish in town.

Creamy Roasted Potato & Bacon Salad with Miso Dressing

Think potato salad is gluggy, bland and boring? Then think again, because this version is amazingly savoury, and the bacon takes it beyond basic. Ideal for your next barbecue.

Honey Sesame Coleslaw

This delicious Asian-style coleslaw is a great side for any meal. Toss it together in next to no time using purple and white cabbage for colour, and crispy fried shallots as a crunchy topping. One of the best easy salads, promise.

Vietnamese Salmon Noodle Salad

Get set for flavour fireworks: this Vietnamese noodle salad recipe is bursting at the seams with good stuff. Tangy dressing, fragrant herbs, the crispiest salmon ever and delicious crunchy toppings. 

Roasted Sweet Potato & Mint Salad with Vietnamese Dressing

Sweet potato gives a mellow earthiness to this robust and substantial salad, and the pops of mint bring herbaceous freshness and zing to every mouthful. Paired with the tangy Vietnamese dressing and it’s a knockout side dish.

Banh Mi Meatball Lettuce Cups

Here’s the secret to getting more greens in your weeknight diet and enjoying more easy salads: wrap your dinner in lettuce. These handheld wonders are savoury, tangy and pack just the right amount of crunch.  

Crispy Chicken & Honey Miso Roast Vegetable Salad

Is there anything miso can’t do? It gives such a gorgeous hit of umami flavour to any dish. This easy salad recipe is always a hit at my house – the crispy, turmeric-spiced chicken, honey-roasted fennel and carrots really pack a flavour punch. All brought together with miso vinaigrette. Delish!

Vietnamese Prawn & Green Papaya Salad

This easy salad is an absolute sensation. It’s fresh and tangy, and soaks up every last drop of that immense dressing. So fresh. So divine. So going to make it tonight.

Potato, Pea & Mint Salad with Lime Coconut Dressing

If summer was a dish, this potato salad would be it! Fresh, sweet and vibrant with a tangy lime dressing, this side dish is so tasty, it’ll easily be the star attraction at your next gathering.

Thai Crispy Egg Salad

This is homemade Thai egg salad just like Mama Noi makes it! The secret to this dish is getting the oil nice and hot before you cook the eggs so that they go fantastically crispy. 

Grilled Pepper Chicken & Green Mango Salad

Perfect for summer, this fresh and crunchy mango salad makes best friends with charred chicken skewers. And while the marinade may look simple, believe me – it really does add heaps of Thai flavour to the meat.

Thai Salmon Noodle Salad

Perfectly cooked, flaked salmon is the ideal accompaniment to this zingy noodle dish, which is full of fresh herbs, zesty lime and a good hit of chilli. And it’s ready in just 15 minutes. Feel free to control the spice level to get it working for your tastebuds.

Spicy Thai Corn Salad

This take on som tum heroes sweetcorn, and it’s a fantastic and quick salad that goes with chicken or other meats. The chillies do pack a punch, so feel free to dial it down and use a bit less if you’re not a massive spice-lover.

Roast Pumpkin & Feta Salad with Tamarind Vinaigrette

Crunchy, spicy and with a hint of sweetness from the roasted pumpkin – what a winner. The feta adds a lovely salty flavour, too.

Vietnamese-style Pepper Chicken Noodle Bowl

This is, without doubt, the noodle salad bowl that always makes me smile. It’s just full-on flavour with every mouthful.

Spicy Thai-style Tuna Salad

This dinner comes together in a crazy-fast 10-minutes… and you’d better believe it’s packed full of flavour, too! Raid your pantry and turn boring canned tuna into something truly fabulous: a vibrant, top salad bursting with Thai goodness.

Sichuan Fried Chicken & Radish Salad

There’s nothing like deep-fried ANYTHING to get the juices flowing, but fried chicken? It’s a no-brainer fave, especially when the coating here is light, golden and anything but greasy. This Chinese recipe is based on a typical, vinegary Sichuan salad that’s full of incredibly strong flavours. My version is far less polarising, and all the more delicious for it.

Weeknight Chicken Noodle Salad

For a simple, better-for-you weeknight dinner, look no further than this poached chicken noodle salad. The chicken is poached in a ginger and garlic broth that gives it a wonderful flavour, before being added to the noodles and some greens. It’s super easy, and a great way to get some leafy greens into your day.

Spicy Thai Grilled Beef Salad (Nam Tok Nuea)

If you love spice, then this one’s for you. I’m bringing home the HEAT. Get set for tender strips of beef coated in a fiery dressing, while an array of herbs add freshness and more flavour. 

Mama Noi’s Vietnamese Chicken Salad

This chicken salad recipe promises punchy Vietnamese flavours, and comes together in minutes. It’s the ideal stress-free side for any special occasion.

Thai style Tamarind Beef Noodle Salad

Perfectly seared beef makes this one of my best salad recipes – once you master this technique, you’ll be enjoying tender steak every time!

Crunchy Peanut Satay ‘Slaw

Everyone needs a killer coleslaw, and this crisp salad with its creamy, peanutty satay dressing is definitely all that.

Thai Glass Noodle Salad (Yum Woon Sen)

The glass noodles, fresh prawns and minced pork provide interesting textures, drizzled with a tasty Thai salad dressing for a kick of flavour.

‘Som Tum’ Thai Papaya Salad

If you’ve travelled in Thailand you may have tried this classic dish. Full of fresh papaya, it’s a delicious and easy salad to enjoy. Like sunshine in a bowl, I reckon.

Crispy Chicken & Noodle Salad

You’re not going to believe the crunch on this chicken… and all without deep frying! Served on top of a fresh and vibrant salad, this is the weeknight dinner of champions. 

Sticky Honey Prawn Noodle Salad

This super-speedy salad comes together in just 15 minutes, making it ideal for summer weeknights or a fuss-free side to a weekend barbecue. Make life easier by looking for frozen pre-shelled edamame beans at your Asian grocer to make the prep a breeze.

Mum’s Carrot Som Tum

Enjoy the full-on flavours of a Thai som tum salad in the comfort of your own home… wherever you live in the world!

Sticky Grilled Chicken Salad

This supercharged marinade gets chicken sticky, sweet and charry in record time, making this a great weeknight salad. Virtuousness never tasted so good.

Lemongrass Beef Noodle Salad

Super salad, ahoy! With its chewy noodles, fresh herbs, crunchy veg and tender beef, this really is an explosion of flavour with every mouthful.

This warm salad has got it all: it’s easy, quick and super tasty.

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