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Get your hands on Marion’s LATEST cookbook, Just As Delicious. Order Now

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33 Korean recipes to get excited about

All those in favour, say “aye”.

Korean Army Stew

I’m a big fan of Korean food – it’s a taste sensation! And don’t even get me started on how much I love gochujang. From the ubiquitous kimchi and gimbap to a whole variety of hearty spicy stews, I’ve pulled together some of the most delicious (and easy) Korean recipes I know how to make.

My best Korean recipes

Now THIS is a compilation… those tastebuds of yours won’t know what hit them. Get set for funk, spice, heat and a whole lotta good stuff. Oh, and full disclaimer: these Korean recipes are totally made my way – they’re inspired by Korean flavours, and Korean “style” in nature. So, while they may not be traditional to the nth degree (don’t come at me in the comments!), I CAN guarantee they’re all delicious.

No need to watch mukbangs with envy – this Korean vampire chicken is the real deal and easy to make at home. Loaded with garlic and spice, it’s crunchy and lip-tingling all at the same time. Fried chicken that’s scary good. Possibly the spiciest of all my Korean recipes!

Folded gimbap: it’s the TikTok trend I HAD to get behind! This Korean dish is like a mash-up between sushi and a sandwich, and I am here for it. This recipe is for my budget-friendly version – ideal for lunchboxes and everyday snackage – although you can totally choose your own adventure when it comes to fillings. In fact, watch the vid for my affordable vs luxury take on things for the ultimate inspo!

Also known as army base stew or budae jjigae, this recipe takes simple, basic ingredients and transforms them into a mouth-wateringly spicy dish. During harder times in Korea, many people would use processed meat supplies from US military bases to whip up this hearty stew, hence its name. I like to add tofu and mushrooms to my version to pump up the freshness.

Bursting with tasty vegetables and tangy kimchi, these pancakes make a quick and simple weeknight dinner. They’re great for lunchboxes and on picnics, too!

Tangy, crispy, glossy: my take on this popular Korean classic is bursting at the seams with freshness and flavour.

Not many things beat a toasted cheese sandwich when hunger strikes. Well, actually they do: a grilled cheese sandwich with added kimchi. One of my easiest Korean recipes, but certainly one of the tastiest.

For those of you who watch my YouTube channel regularly you’ll know I love all things spicy and all things dumpling. So it’ll come as no surprise that these spicy pork dumplings are my not-so-secret obsession. They are so good, I could almost eat all 60 in one sitting. Almost!

Tacos are always a hit in my household, and these Korean-inspired offerings even more so. Beautifully marinated, tender beef, crunchy fresh cabbage and a spicy mayo… these are umami-laden parcels of pure delight.

This grilled chicken is seriously easy – but don’t think that means flavour takes a back seat! It’s one big taste explosion, and the lemony, sesame salt at the end is to die for. For even more awesomeness, leave the meat to marinade overnight.

This fusion dish is literally an umami bomb with the buttery, garlicky goodness of a chicken kiev stuffing combined with kimchi and gochujang chilli paste inside crumbed chicken breasts. Serve with honey sesame coleslaw and you’ve got a total winner on your hands.

Fiery spicy chicken with gooey melted mozzarella cheese is the perfect combination for this pan bake. Gochujang chilli paste plus chilli and paprika give the fire, cheese brings the nomz. Serve this with rice and steamed Asian greens to round out the meal.

My version of this famous Korean rice bowl is a lot easier than you think to rustle up, and it’s a goodie, guys! Dive into slightly spicy, sesame beef, perfectly stir-fried vegies and an oozy, silky egg to top it off. Pure joy!

Who doesn’t love a comforting chicken soup? This freezer-friendly version is spiced up with some epic Korean flavours and features silky smooth tofu, too. Tone down the heat by reducing the kimchi and chilli paste, and amp up the veggie action by adding whatever greens you have in the fridge.

Zhuzh up your weeknight dinner offering with these budget-friendly but big-on-flavour lettuce cups. A new household classic, coming at you!

I love spicy noodles at the best of times, but holy smokes – these are everything a person could wish for! This shortcut ramen keeps the cook time low but the flavour is full-on high. Stick with darker chicken meat to keep things succulent and juicy.

Once you’ve made your bao from scratch, it will rock your world forever. Add some Korean-inspired fried chicken, and you have even more of a gamechanger on your hands.

How to make a bowl of dumplings feel more virtuous? Just add salad! I’ve combined the two and I’m not even sorry – it’s fresh, filling and downright delicious.

Fiery pork noodles? Yep, so hot right now. Dive into this bowl of pure comfort and lose yourself in the spicy goodness.

Yep, I just improved a classic. Roast potatoes get a grown-up switcheroo to transform into cheesy, spicy, savoury wonders. So good.

Bring some freshness to the festivities with this stunner of a salad. Pops of apple, creamy potatoes and crunchy cabbage bring the party to your tastebuds. The Korean chilli flakes in the salad dressing are next-level, too!

These are the noodles you need when you’re craving a meat-free, healthy-ish vibe come dinnertime. So many vegies, so many layers of flavour.

It’s surprisingly easy to make homemade kimchi – and this one is a real fan favourite! Embrace the funk and get amongst it.

Hold on to your teeth, people: these fried chicken wings are pure crunch. Make friends with mess and get involved in these spicy, sticky, devilishly good morsels.

My version of Korean japchae is a noodle-lover’s delight, and I’ve got just the techniques to take this dish off the scale, flavour-wise!

This stir-fry packs an absolute punch: it’s got spice, tender strips of pork and umami in spades! Mix it up with chicken thighs instead of pork if you fancy a different take on the dish.

Mix up your fried rice options with this spicy Korean-inspired version – it’s a goodie! Vegies, egg, beef and more all make friends in this winning savoury dish. And, for the perfect grains, don’t forget day-old rice is what you need.

If you’re wondering about vegetable side dishes to serve at your next gathering, wonder no more: this spicy, crispy cauliflower will go down a storm! It’s also fabulous served with steamed rice for a meat-free meal.

Jam-packed with flavour, these tender beef skewers are mouth-wateringly good. Make sure whichever pan you use is super hot – you want to hear that loud sizzle to ensure a good sear!

Crispy pancakes, stuffed full of charred onion and juicy prawns, then served with a spicy dipping sauce… prepare to flip out, because these 15-minute savoury Korean pancakes are divine! I reckon this recipe will feed six people if served as a party snack, or four as a main course – that’s if you’re willing to share them…

Spicy fried rice, cooked with kimchi, bacon and butter… this dish is all the things! The fried egg is the most epic of toppings too – ditch it at your peril. My top tip? Day-old rice will give you the dryness you need for perfect, separated grains.

This is not your average beef stir-fry! I have a few tips and tricks to getting the beef super tender on this one. And I just love the gorgeously spicy Korean flavours of kimchi and gochujang. It’s also ready in minutes so it makes the perfect quick and easy weeknight dinner.

The secret to tender charred Korean beef is a marinade with nashi pear. Thinly sliced beef, cabbage, kimchi and Asian herbs are wrapped in soft lettuce leaves. Serve all of the ingredients at the table so everyone can make their own wraps. You can even use a tabletop grill and let them cook their own marinated beef slices.

The perfect sandwich is all about the details. Tender marinated beef, quick vegie pickle and spicy mayonnaise on a crusty bread roll make a delicious sandwich. Serve up an unforgettable lunch or light meal.

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