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Marion’s Kitchen ground beef recipes

These are the ground beef recipes that are ready to completely change the game. No more grey, soggy beef mince. These recipes are full of flavourful ground beef and are ready to transform the way you feel about the household staple. 


Super quick, easy and perfect for those whats-for-dinner weeknight emergencies. These are the recipes that will quickly become firm family favourites. Speedy, versatile and most importantly, completely delicious. If you’ve got a stash of beef mince on standby in the back of your freezer, you have dinner!


Prepare to forget all you thought you knew about ground beef and have your mind BLOWN.

What can be made from ground beef?

Ground beef is so versatile! It’s truly one of those ingredients that you should ALWAYS have on standby, just in case of a what’s-for-dinner emergency. This type of beef is also generally pretty affordable, making it a firm favourite in most family homes. 


It is also a family favourite thanks to the amount of ways you can use it! You can use ground beef in beef stir-fry, making for a super simple dinner that comes together in under 30 minutes. Or you can add it as a topping to your favourite beef soup or ramen dish. 


You can even use ground beef in a beef curry! Which I know sounds crazy and unconventional but I promise it works. My favourite way to incorporate ground beef into a curry is to turn it into meatballs. This is the perfect way to get all that delicious epicness that comes with a curry, but way faster and way more affordable! 


Is ground beef the same as mince?

It certainly is! If you’ve been scratching your head about the difference between ground beef and beef mince for a while, but haven’t worked up the courage to ask what the difference is, I’m here to help! Ground beef and beef mince are exactly the same. They are both essentially the exact same thing, a typ[e of beef that has been minced (duh!). Typically ground beef is a term that is used more frequently in the US and Canada, whilst those in Australia call it mince beef AKA mince.