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Marion’s Kitchen beef curry recipes

You’ll be hard pressed finding someone that doesn’t love a good curry! And beef curries are one of my all time faves. These beef curry recipes have tender beef, loads of spice and all things nice.


From super speedy versions you can whip up on a weeknight to all day affairs that are the perfect weekend treat. These are the beef curry recipes you’ll be wanting to make again, and again, and again…


From Thai inspired spicy curries to Indian style creamy kormas and traditional Kare Kare straight from the Philippines! These are the curries you definitely don’t want to miss out on!

What beef is best for curry?

The best beef when it comes to making curry really differs! If you’re planning on some beef slow-cooking action, beef chuck is going to be your best bet, especially if you’re after fall-apart tender beef. You can also use short ribs in your curry, which might sound crazy but you should NOT sleep on beef ribs! Even sirloin makes for a super great cut to use in your beef curries! 


If you’re whipping up a beef curry for your nearest and dearest, you can almost certainly get away with whatever cut of beef you prefer! Just keep in mind that some fattier cuts like short ribs or chuck steak WILL be more tender the longer you cook them. 


How do you make curry beef tender?

If you’re desperately searching for ways to make your beef curries uber tender, it mostly comes down to the type of meat you are using. Beef chuck is one of the best cuts to use if you’re wanting super tender beef, and since it’s best when slow-cooked, you can just chuck it in and completely forget about it until dinner time. There’s not much better than a dinner that’s super simple AND tastes out of this world!


What is the secret to a good curry?

TOAST. YOUR. SPICES! One of the best kept secrets of a really good curry is toasting your spices. Simply grab the spices you are using in your dish, add a little bit of butter or oil to whatever pan/pot/dish you are choosing to make your curry in and cook your spices until fragrant. This tip only takes a couple of minutes and I guarantee you will be kicking yourself for not trying it sooner!