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Marion’s Kitchen beef soup recipes

If you’ve never had a soup with beef before, you are seriously missing out! These beef soup recipes are rich, packed full of flavour and full of so much goodness. 


Who knew soup could get even BETTER?! These recipes will convert even the biggest soup skeptics into huge fans. Make these recipes for your friends, your fam or even to impress your latest flame…You’ll want to scoff these straight from the pot!


These are the beef soups for every occasion, from a quick corned beef ramen upgrade all the way to a two day love affair with bun bo hue, these are the beef soup recipes you NEED in your life!

How do I make beef soup taste better?

Take your time! Generally speaking, beef soup is a slow cooking process – and the flavours in your beef soup will get better the longer you let them cook. It’s a labour of love but you will thank me later, promise! 


What beef is best for soup?

When it comes to perfecting your signature beef soup recipe, there is little that is more important than the cut of beef used. You definitely don’t want to end up with a soup that is full of tough and chewy beef, but it does happen to the best of us! 


To ensure you don’t commit the ultimate beef soup faux pas (chewy beef), you really want to be careful when selecting your cuts for soup! Try to stay away from cuts like sirloin, and stick to cuts of beef that have higher fat contents instead. Since most beef soups do require quite a substantial amount of time (yes that means utilising some slow cooked beef recipes!). Fattier cuts of beef will ensure the meat stays tender throughout the entire cooking process. 


Next time you whip up a beef soup recipe, try to stick to a cut like beef chuck or beef ribs. Both these cuts of beef can handle the low and slow cooking process and actually get BETTER with slow cooking! Huge bonus, you really don’t need to keep your eye on chuck beef or beef ribs when slow cooking them, so you can sit back, relax and have your beef soup recipes pretty much cook themselves!