Marion’s Kitchen beef stir-fry recipes

These are beef stir-fry recipes like you’ve never seen before, chock full of super tender beef (thanks to a couple of my tips and tricks), oodles of noodles and loads of fresh veg. Prepare to make these beef stir-fry recipes for dinner and drift off into sweet, sweet dreams of bouncy noodles and tender beef. 


Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a newbie to the stir-fry game. These are the recipes that will change your life!


We have the very best stir-fry recipes from all across Asia! Think Korea, Japan, Thailand and so many more…Who said stir-fry had to be boring?!

How do you make stir-fry beef so it’s tender?

When it comes to beef stir-fry recipes, I have a few tips and tricks up my sleeve to ensure your beef stays extra tender (even through the fast cooking process!). The first thing to keep in mind is to use the right type of beef, if you’re after a stir-fry with strips of beef, sirloin is a great choice. BUT if you’re after something simple and speedy, ground beef recipes are the go…and I’ve got the secret to avoid soggy ground beef forever! I would recommend avoiding fattier cuts of beef, like beef chuck or beef ribs – they tend to go a bit chewy when cooked too quickly!


You can also marinate your beef prior to starting your stir-fry, which helps to not only add loads of flavour but also keeps your beef uber tender. 


Should you marinate beef for stir-fry?

I’m definitely a big believer in marinating your beef before you start your beef stir-fry recipes. Marinating your beef is a sure fire way to keep your meat tender, without exerting too much extra energy. It’s a simple and effective way to keep the moisture in your meat – no dry beef in sight! My favourite way to marinate my beef to keep it extra tender is with a technique called meat velveting, this is an ancient technique that involves marinating your meat of choice in a mixture of corn flour and bicarb soda. This helps to keep your beef melt-in-your-mouth tender, you can officially wave goodbye to chewy beef stir-fry, forever!