Marion’s Kitchen beef sirloin recipes

Love sirloin but just don’t know how best to cook it? Fear not! These beef sirloin recipes are ultra delicious and super simple to master. This is steak like you’ve never had before…


This is the sirloin you’ve been dreaming of! No more basic meat and three veg, these are the recipes putting sirloin in the spotlight. Speedy dinners to whip up on a school-night all the way to sirloin feasts you should *definitely* save for date night.


From stroganoff and traditional Thai satay and of course the classic pepper steak dinner. These are the sirloin recipes that the whole fam will love!

How do you cook sirloin so it’s tender?

If you’re cooking sirloin as a steak the best way to keep the meat tender is by searing the steak! This will lock in the flavours as well as keeping the meat extra tender. 


In terms of keeping sirloin tender during the stir-frying process, one of the best techniques to use is meat velveting. This technique uses a corn flour and bi carb marinade to keep the meat super, super tender! 


Sirloin is best when cooked quite quickly, so there’s no need for slow-cooking with these ones! Sirloin tends to remain quite tender even with quick cooking which makes it the ultimate companion for those busy weeknights where you need a dinner time dish, quick smart! 


What is beef sirloin used for?

There are so many things you can use beef sirloin for, and our beef sirloin recipes are proof of that! You can use beef sirloin to level up your beef salads, or to enhance your next weeknight beef stir-fry, and you can even use beef sirloin in beef curries! It is truly one of the forgotten cuts of beef, and can be used to make just about any dish, extra delicious. 


Sirloin is a delicious way to add extra beefy flavour to your favourite recipes. You can even add it to skewers, cook it as a steak or add it to a rice bowl. 


Sirloin is one of those beef cuts that is always handy to keep on standby, especially since you can really create a whole variety of dinners with just one cut of beef!