Marion’s Kitchen Rice Noodle Recipes

These rice noodle recipes will change your rice noodle game forever! There’s so much more to be done with rice noodles than meets the eye. Not only are they super versatile, but their relatively neutral taste means they add bounce and chew to your noodle dishes and soak up all the flavour of your sauce of choice! 


There’s so much to be done with rice noodles, you can add them to salads, cold rolls, soups and of course, no stir-fry would be complete without a noodle element. 


Rice noodles are the kitchen staple that your recipes have been sorely missing. These are the recipes that your entire family will want over and over again!

What can you do with rice noodles?

Rice noodles – they are SO versatile. There are so many noodle recipes that are vastly improved by the addition of rice noodles. You can make various noodle salad recipes, stir-fried noodle recipes and you can even use rice noodles to spice up your chicken noodle soup recipes


If there’s one pantry staple you should always have on hand it is DEFINITELY rice noodles – you won’t regret it! Promise!



What are the different types of rice noodles?

There are loads of different types of rice noodles, but rice noodles aren’t to be confused with various glass noodle recipes (even though they look the same, they aren’t!). In terms of different types of rice noodles the difference mostly lies within the size and shape of the rice noodles. Rice vermicelli noodles for example are quite thin and long. Dried stick noodles are flat and long but are not quite as wide as other varieties of rice noodles. Chow fun rice noodles are flat, shiny and wide – these ones are commonly used in Chinese cooking. 


You can also get rice noodles in a couple of different formats from your Asian grocer or local supermarket. The most common way to get rice noodles is in a dried format, you can normally find these at your local supermarket and won’t need to hunt too hard for them. The other way to get rice noodles is to buy them fresh (or make them from scratch), fresh rice noodles will generally be kept refrigerated and you will most likely have to peruse your local Asian grocer to get your hands on them!