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It’s me, the Thai dinner party menu of your dreams

What to cook to be the host with the most.

Best Thai dinner party menu

So you’re hosting a dinner party at yours, you’re making Thai food, you want it to be delicious AND you want to look like a cooking pro in the process? Then this Thai dinner party menu will put you well on the path to success, plus take all the decision work out of things. Because there are so many Thai recipes out there… but how to bring them all together to make a whole meal for your mates?


Centred around a Thai Hung Lay Pork Curry, this dinner party menu also features Thai Salmon & Herb SaladThai Chicken Fried Rice and some epic party-style prawns with a flavour-packed nahm jim dipping sauce. Your friends will be talking about your Thai banquet food for DAYS, trust. 

The Thai dinner party menu that will seriously impress

Your entire menu for the ultimate showstopper of a Thai banquet is sorted…and it’s not nearly as hard as you think! Here’s what we’re cooking…

Start things off with an easy but achievable appetiser: Thailand’s answer to a prawn cocktail. This spicy nahm jim sauce is chock full of fresh chillies and herbs, giving your tastebuds a total party. Garlicky, herby, tangy and spicy all at once, nahm jim isn’t your average seafood sauce, but is all the better for it. Pair it with fresh and sweet prawns and your guests will be swooning into their napkins. Minutes of prep, countless good-food memories.

This is the star of the Thai dinner party menu show! Our Hung Lay Pork Curry is perfect for when you want to pull out all the stops for your showstopper meal – it’s like no other Thai curry. It boasts slowly simmered pork curry that’s slightly sweet with a touch of tang (that’ll be the pickled garlic) and an incredible depth of flavour. What we love about this dish even more is that you can make it the day before your special event, then simply reheat it come dinner party time!

You’re going to need an accompaniment to that delightful curry, and this is it. A classic fried rice is a wondrous thing, and this recipe features perfectly coated grains of rice, juicy chicken strips and pops of tomato coupled with an umami-bomb of a stir-fry sauce. It’s surprisingly simple to master, too. If you’re making the curry the day before, don’t forget to cook your jasmine rice at the same time. Day-old rice is the best kind for making fried rice.

This is the last piece to your dinner party puzzle. Every good dinner party has at least one salad on the table, but this one is NOT your average salad. Full of herby goodness, crispy salmon and a zingy dressing to die for, this salad is spicy, herby and super refreshing. It’s the perfect partner to all that goodness. 



And that’s it – a Thai dinner party menu to treasure. Let us know what you think!

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