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Get your hands on Marion’s NEW cookbook, Just As Delicious. Order Now

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Delicious breadmaker recipes… for cooking a 3-COURSE ITALIAN DINNER

Yes, you read that right: starter, main AND dessert.

Breadmaker Recipes Test Kitchen Italian Dinner

Move over, slow cooker: here’s an entire three-course Italian dinner menu using just a BREADMAKER. Yep, we’re making homemade olive bread with freshly churned, made-from-scratch butter, followed by beef ragu and pappardelle pasta in the same appliance. And, since no family meal would be complete without dessert, Marion’s making lemon ricotta cake for afters. These set and forget breadmaker recipes are the one-appliance, family-friendly wonders you’ve been waiting for.

Breadmaker recipes for the ultimate Italian feast

A whole dinner to feed the fam, made in the one appliance. You’d better believe it (video evidence below in case you’re dubious)…

Hopefully these recipes will get you thinking outside the box (or should that be breadmaker?). Our partner in crime for these dishes was the Panasonic SD-YR2550 Bread Maker with Dual Dispenser.

This homemade olive bread is close to a sourdough loaf in taste, yet doesn’t have the whole days-long sourdough starter process. Arm yourself with your trusty breadmaker appliance, set aside a weekend afternoon for baking, then get ready to feast on crunchy, delicious Italian-style bread in time for dinner. I’m even making freshly churned butter to go with it! Mind. Blown.

Can you make an Italian beef ragu and homemade pasta… in a BREADMAKER? Sure can! I’ve surprised even myself with this one, and love the result of everything. In fact, turning this into a breadmaker recipe instead of a slow cooker recipe has blown me away. Since the ragu has been continuously stirred as it cooked by the appliance’s paddle (which usually does kneading), all the ingredients have been incorporated together beautifully. What a result!

Lemon ricotta cake… with your own homemade ricotta (and, potentially, your own homemade butter if you made the bread I list above). Yes, my friends, this is one mega weekend baking project – and it all comes together in the one handy appliance.


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