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Marion’s Kitchen whole chicken recipes

Cooking a whole chook can seem overwhelming, FOR SURE! But there are so many super simple whole chicken recipes to make your bird that much better! 

You’ll be kicking yourself for all the times you forgoed a whole chook for its already cut counterparts. There’s just something BETTER about using an entire chicken completely from scratch. Simple, delicious and with way less steps than you might think. It’s time to get acquainted with your new BFF – the whole darn chicken!

From slow cooked, fall off the bone chicken to soup, stews and spicy roasts – these whole chicken recipes will have you busting out the big bird every day of the week!

What can I do with a whole chicken?

If you’ve been looking for whole chicken recipes, we have you covered! Whilst it might seem daunting to tackle a whole chicken, I can assure you it’s much more manageable than you think! There are so many ways to use up a whole chicken, you can break it up and use it in your slow-cooker! Or you can chuck it in a chicken soup or stew to get extra fall apart tender. Of course there’s few things better than an entire roast chicken which is the ever faithful method of cooking a whole chicken. You can even break up a whole chicken and deep fry it. Hello, fried chicken for days! 


These whole chicken recipes will have you WISHING you tried to conquer the whole chook a long time ago. Everything from Chinese inspired recipes, Korean-esque deliciousness and of course loads of Thai inspo, prepare for these whole chicken recipes to rock. your. world. 


How long should you cook whole chicken for?

If you’re desperate to try your hand at these whole chicken recipes, it’s important to know how to cook a whole chicken correctly. The cooking times of a whole chicken tend to vary depending on your oven, your oven temperature and a whole range of other factors that can change the cooking times of your whole chook. 


The most important thing when it comes to cooking a whole chicken is ensuring the internal temperature is in a safe range. Generally, chicken needs to be at 74 degrees celsius to be at a safe temp. You can check out my internal temperature guide if you’re looking to be extra safe!