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Marion’s Kitchen roast chicken recipes

You’ll be hard-pressed finding someone who doesn’t love a good roast chook – but my little known secret is that there’s so many ways to make roast chicken SO much better.

These roast chicken recipes will have you roasting like an absolute pro – from curry marinades and mayo basting all the way to super easy roast chicken traybakes, there’s so many roast chicken recipes to spice up your bird!

Do you roast a chicken covered or uncovered?

Ah, the age old question – what is the best way to roast chicken to avoid dryness, get ample flavour and a crispy skin. Lucky for you, I’ve put all the methods to the test! Including covered or uncovered, the best temperature to roast a chicken at, the best bastes, the best way to brine a chook and more! For all the secret tips and tricks to make the world’s best roast chicken recipe, I suggest you check out my best roast chicken recipe. 


What is the best internal temperature for roast chicken?

You want to be extra careful when executing your roast chicken recipes that you’ve cooked to a safe internal temperature to reduce the risk of getting sick! Whilst there might be some wiggle room when you’re cooking meats like beef, chicken’s internal temperature is pretty steadfast and it’s definitely worth investing in a meat thermometer if you’re planning on roasting chickens on the reg. 


You want the temperature of your chicken to be sitting around 74 degrees celsius, and this goes for the whole chicken, chicken thigh, wings, legs and breasts. 74 degrees is the magic number you want to keep in mind! When you’re testing the temp of your roast chook, the best place to insert the thermometer is directly into the inner thigh area, but do be careful to avoid any bone! 


You can check out my guide to internal cooking temperatures to double check the desired temperature of your next meaty feast. 


What can I do with roast chicken?

If you’ve cooked up a monster roast chicken and you have leftovers for days, there are a couple of things that can give your day old roast chook a new lease on life! You can add extra chicken to chicken soups if you’re feeling under the weather, use it to whip up a super fast and simple chicken curry, add it on-top of chicken salads if you’re looking for an easy next-day lunch, or even toss it on top of some noodles and veg.  Roast chicken really is the dish that keeps on giving!