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Creamy Garlic & Mushroom Chicken

Garlic, mushrooms and chicken… it’s an absolutely magic combo, and even more so if it’s creamy, too! This comforting dinner is a true gem of a dish and I promise it won’t disappoint.


Creamy Garlic & Mushroom Chicken

10 minutes
30 minutes

8 boneless chicken thigh fillets (ideally with the skin on) 

1 chicken stock cube 

1 tsp sea salt 

½ tsp ground black pepper 

2 tbsp vegetable oil 

50g (1.7 oz) unsalted butter 

400g (14 oz) mushrooms, cut into chunks 

4 garlic cloves, finely chopped 

3 sprigs of thyme 

1 cup coconut cream 

finely grated zest of 1 lemon 

2 tbsp finely sliced chives 

  • Step 1

    Break up the chicken stock cube and mix it with the salt. Sprinkle the mixture all over the chicken fillets. Sprinkle over the pepper. Set aside for later.

  • Step 2

    Heat the vegetable oil in a large frying pan over high heat. Add the chicken fillets (skin side down if they have skin). Let the chicken sear for 5 minutes or until golden brown. Turn the chicken over and cook for another 2 minutes. Transfer the chicken to a large plate.

  • Step 3

    Pour off all but 2 tablespoons of the chicken fat in the pan. Place the pan back onto a medium-high heat. Add the butter and when foaming add the mushrooms. Season with a pinch of salt and allow the mushrooms to sear for 2-3 minutes or until golden on the first side. Then cook, stirring, for another 3-4 minutes or until the mushrooms are golden all over. Add the garlic and stir-fry for another minute.

  • Step 4

    Toss the thyme leaves through the mushrooms. Then stir through the coconut cream. Add the chicken pieces back into the creamy sauce. Simmer for 10 minutes or until the chicken is cooked through. Sprinkle over the lemon zest and the chives and serve.

  • Notes

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Marion's Kitchen is for everyone who finds joy in flavour and happiness in every bite. Marion's Kitchen is for everyone who finds joy in flavour and happiness in every bite.

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February 6, 2023

Great recipe!

I love the way this chicken and mushrooms turned out. Pro tip, my mushrooms released a lot of water so I probably should have discarded that before adding the cream because at the end my sauce was very watery but the taste was still good. Next time I’ll know

January 19, 2023

So good!

January 16, 2023

Omg!! It was amazing!!

Let me tell you we moved to Israel 18 months ago and in the States there is cream of mushroom soup but here we don’t have that so I saw this recipe and had to make it. My husband and daughter totally loved it! Only thing I did differently was put corn starch on the chicken when frying. Everything else was the same.

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