Chicken Thigh Recipes

If you’ve been here for a while you’ll know one thing for certain – I am most definitely a legs and thighs girl (chicken legs and thighs that is). 

Chicken thighs just really take your recipe to the next level, they are way more juicy, more tender and whole lot more flavourful – plus they’re pretty foolproof, so there will be no dry chicken on my watch! 

These chicken thigh recipes show you just how versatile chicken thighs are, from roasting and stir frying, to slow cooking and stir frying, there is sooooo much you can create with the humble chicken thigh.

What is the best method for cooking chicken thighs?

Chicken thighs are a cut of chicken that really is great for everything! You can use chicken thighs in chicken soups, stews, chicken curries, chicken salads and for fried chicken! Chicken thighs are super versatile and, generally speaking, chicken thighs tend to be the cheaper alternative when compared to other cuts like chicken breast. 


Do chicken thighs get more tender the longer you cook them?

Yes! Unlike chicken breast, the longer you cook chicken thighs the more tender they become! This is because of the ratio of dark meat in chicken thighs. More dark meat means more connective tissue in the meat, and as the chicken thighs cook the connective tissue dissolves into gelatin, keeping the meat super juicy and super tender. 


What is the benefit of using chicken thighs? 

Chicken thighs tend to be more juicy and flavourful than other cuts of chicken, for example, chicken breast. Chicken thighs are perfect if you are a serial offender for drying out chicken breasts during the cooking process, chicken thighs are also a much better alternative if you are slow cooking chicken as they will get super tender during the slow-cooking process.


Chicken thighs are also really great for deep frying! If you’re a lover of all things fried chicken, chicken thighs are definitely going to be the choice for you. Chicken thighs tend to be the best choice when deep frying not only due to the juiciness of the meat, but also due to the uneven surface of the chicken thigh. The uneven surface of the thigh helps you get that craggy texture when dredging your chicken in the flour. Chicken thigh won’t only give you MUCH juicier chicken, it will also give you the crunchiest, crispiest coating EVER.