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Marion’s Kitchen chicken leg recipes

Chicken legs, drumsticks and marylands are wildly underrated in my opinion! In fact, chicken legs are one of my favourite cuts of chicken to work with.

These chicken leg recipes will convert absolutely everybody to a chicken leg lover – tender, juicy, flavourful chicken done a whole lot of ways…what’s not to love?

What can be made from chicken drumsticks?

Chicken drumsticks are SO versatile! You can pretty much use them for absolutely anything, and they’re generally pretty affordable too. In terms of what you can make with the ‘ol faithful chicken drumstick, look no further than right here. You can use them for fried chicken recipes, roast chicken recipes, slow cook them or chuck them in a tray bake for a super simple weeknight dinner the entire fam is set to love. If you’ve been hesitant to cook with chicken drumsticks, fear not! Not only are they super versatile and super delicious, but also super simple to use. Chicken drumsticks are juicy and tender, so not even a complete newbie could dry them out.


What are chicken legs good for?

Chicken legs and chicken thighs are great to use for just about anything! Chicken legs are the juiciest part of the chicken and are therefore pretty hard to overcook. Because of this they’re a great choice if you’re slow-cooking, braising or roasting as they retain their moisture and stay uber juicy throughout the entire cooking process. Chicken legs are also dark meat, so they tend to have a much heartier, juicier flavour and a much more tender texture than other cuts of chicken like breast. If you’re looking to get the juiciest chicken possible with pretty much no user error in sight, chicken legs will be your new best friend. If you’re tired of your chicken becoming dry and chewy after slow-cooking, try chicken legs out in your next recipe! I guarantee you will be converted!