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Marion’s Kitchen Potato Breakfast Recipes

Potato for breakfast – What’s not to love?! If you are a fan of all things carb-y, eggy and breakfast-y, these potato breakfast recipes are the ones for you. Chock full of so much goodness, and of course potatoes…these are the breakfasts that you will wake up dreaming about.

From a veggie-filled toastie inspired by the streets of Mumbai to a Japanese-style okonomiyaki and of course, spicy sichuan potato pancakes to rival your favourite frozen hash browns. There’s so much to be done with potatoes, and these potato breakfast recipes are the perfect way to get a delicious, filling and super simple breakfast (whilst also getting in one of your five a day) – Result!

What can be made from potatoes for breakfast?

Potatoes are super versatile and are next level delicious as a breakfast food. And bonus, they are also a super easy breakfast recipe! There are so many things you can make for breakfast from potatoes. Think spicy potato pancakes topped with an ooey, gooey egg, A Japanese-style sweet potato okonomiyaki or even a toastie chock full of mashed potato, loads of veg and a fresh and spicy green  chutney. You won’t regret adding in potatoes to your morning routine! 


Are potatoes a breakfast food? 

If there’s one breakfast recipe I’m always keen for, it’s anything involving potatoes. I’m also a firm believer in absolutely anything being a suitable breakfast food. Feel like spuds for breakfast? Great! Pulled pork with a fried egg on top? Sounds good! Spicy pork with steamed egg custard? Obviously yes! And potatoes are no exception to this rule. Potatoes are THE ultimate breakfast food. Super tasty, super simple to prep and super filling so you will stay full for way longer. 

Potato breakfasts are the solution if you’re in a bit of a breakfast slump. 


Are potatoes and eggs good for breakfast?

Um, YES! Potatoes and eggs are truly one of the all time greatest breakfast combinations. There are so many things you can do with potatoes and egg breakfast recipes, too! You can make a savoury potato pancake and top it with a fried egg, create a makeshift potato hash and add poached eggs and chilli sauce, even adding a fried egg on top of a potato okonomiyaki is a total game changer! 

Eggs and potatoes are truly a match made in heaven – trust me.