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Marion’s Kitchen Easy Breakfast Recipes

These are the easiest breakfasts ever! These easy breakfast recipes will have you whipping up something way more delicious than just cereal and milk in the mornings. These are the best breakfasts that will have you starting your day the right way AND being able to sleep for just five. more. minutes.

From morning meals you can prepare the night before to the cheesy, chilli crisp eggs you will wake up dreaming about, there’s something for every kind of breakfast-er. You’ll never skip breakfast again – these easy breakfast recipes will seriously change your morning routine game.

These are the breakfast of champions!

What is the easiest thing to eat for breakfast?

The beauty of most breakfast recipes is that they tend to be pretty simple! There are so many egg breakfast recipes, or potato breakfast recipes that are also surprisingly easy! 

Pancakes are a super easy breakfast that looks much more impressive than it is! Fried eggs are also always super simple, as are scrambled eggs. Toasties are also always a great option, as are any sort of potato hash or potato pancake with veggies and eggs. You can also make egg cups that are a sup-er simple breakfast for when you need something on the go. Corn fritters are also a good breakfast or brunch option, easy to make and super transportable so you can take them with you as you rush out the door in the morning! 


What should I eat for breakfast if I have nothing?

If you have eggs at home, you have breakfast! There are so many things you can make for breakfast if you seem to have nothing in your fridge. Eggs are also super easy to prepare for breakfast if you are a bit time poor in the morning. 

One of the simplest ways to make super simple eggs is chilli crispy fried eggs, you can even add cheese and greens if you’ve got them floating about your fridge. One of the other super simple ways to make breakfast when you’re running low on groceries is corn fritters! Most corn fritters only need about 4 ingredients, and they’re mostly shelf stable ingredients – so you can whip up corn fritters when you have almost nothing left in your pantry.