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Oven-baked Chicken Katsu

The whole family will love this better-for-you chicken katsu that’s on the table in just 40 minutes. Golden crumbed chicken is baked, not fried, then smothered in Japanese tonkatsu sauce and served with a fresh, tangy coleslaw. Delish!


Oven-baked Chicken Katsu

5 minutes
35 minutes

2 chicken breasts (about 250g/9oz each)

1 tbsp vegetable oil

2½ cups panko breadcrumbs*

1 cup plain flour

2 eggs, lightly whisked

Japanese tonkatsu sauce*, to serve

sea salt


Japanese coleslaw:

½ cup Japanese Kewpie mayonnaise*

Juice of 1 lemon juice

¼ tsp ground pepper

6 cups thinly sliced cabbage

1 cucumber, sliced into ribbons

¼ cup crispy shallots*

  • Step 1

    Preheat the oven to 180°C/350°F.

  • Step 2

    Cut each chicken breast in half lengthways. Cover with baking paper and pound to about 1cm/½ inch thickness.

  • Step 3

    Heat the vegetable oil in a wok or frying pan over medium heat. Add the breadcrumbs and cook, stirring continuously, for 2-3 minutes or until golden. Transfer breadcrumbs to a large bowl or tray.

  • Step 4

    Place flour and eggs in separate large bowls. Dip each piece of chicken into the flour, then egg and then coat in the breadcrumbs.

  • Step 5

    Place crumbed chicken on a baking tray lined with foil. Cook in the preheated oven for 15 minutes or until golden. Then turn the chicken pieces over and cook for another 10 minutes or until the other side is golden and the chicken is cooked through.

  • Step 6

    In the meantime, whisk together the mayonnaise, lemon juice and pepper. When ready to serve, toss the cabbage, cucumber and mayonnaise mixture together. Sprinkle with crispy shallots and toss until well combined.

  • Step 7

    Serve chicken with Japanese coleslaw and tonkatsu sauce.

  • Notes

    – Panko breadcrumbs are a type of Japanese-style breadcrumb that are light and crispy.

    – Tonkatsu sauce is a Japanese finishing sauce that is similar in taste to barbecue sauce. Use any type of barbecue sauce as a substitute.

    – Kewpie mayonnaise is a type of Japanese mayonnaise. Substitute any mayonnaise you like.

    – Panko breadcrumbs, tonkatsu sauce, Kewpie mayonnaise and crispy shallots can be found in the Asian aisle of the supermarket or from your Asian grocer.

Marion's Kitchen is for everyone who finds joy in flavour and happiness in every bite. Marion's Kitchen is for everyone who finds joy in flavour and happiness in every bite.

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Delicious crunch without frying! Winner!

April 19, 2023

Thank you for an incredible recipe! I’ve tried using Panko for baked fish and chicken, but it never came out right. Marion’s method of first toasting/sautéing the panko and then using it as a coating is a game changer! My entire family loved crunchy chicken katsu! And I don’t have to clean the stove. Thank you!

Avatar for Faari

Great technique!!

November 15, 2022

This is a great technique on doing absolutely beautiful tonkatsu in the oven! Up until now when I attempted this, the color would be pale, or splotchy if I had sprayed it with avocado oil. This toasting method ensures the beautiful color in the final dish. (And… I tried this in my air fryer too, and it works!!!)

Thank you for all of your hard work and good spirits, Marion!!

Avatar for Bandi

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