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MAKO Wok Masterclass

So your MAKO Wok Kit has FINALLY arrived and you’re ready to stir fry, saute, sear and strain like an absolute pro, but you just don’t know where to start… In this series of videos, you gain access to all of Marion’s best exclusive tips, tricks and recipes to transform you into the wok-star of your dreams.


Marion Grasby will step you through how to correctly cook with, care for and clean your brand new MAKO Black Steel 14 Wok to keep it in the best shape – forever.  You’ll learn how to use your wok from start to finish – from the moment you pull your MAKO out of the box to when it’s time for cleanup – this is everything you’ll ever need to know about your MAKO Black Steel 14 Wok. 

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Unbox your MAKO with me!

Marion walks you through what’s included in your MAKO Black Steel 14” Wok Kit.

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Before you get to cooking…watch this!

Marion explains the features of the MAKO Wok, as well as how to start building up your ‘patina’!

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Let’s Cook : Yangzhou Fried Rice

Watch Marion use her MAKO for the first time to make delicious, Chinese restaurant style fried rice! 

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Clean and care for your MAKO

How to correctly clean your MAKO using the natural brush!

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My top 5 wok recipes!

Marion’s five favourite wok recipes!

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