Hong Kong Crispy Noodles with Pork & Prawn

A crispy noodle pancake topped with a umami-rich stir-fry in a lusciously thick sauce? This dish is a whole lot of yes! Try your best to get fresh noodles for this one – the shelf-stable wetter ones don’t tend to work quite as well.


Hong Kong Crispy Noodles with Pork & Prawn

15 minutes
15 minutes

200g (7 oz) fresh Chinese egg noodles or wonton noodles

vegetable oil (enough to lightly coat the bottom of your pan)

3 garlic cloves, finely chopped

½ onion, diced

¼ cup diced carrot

50g (1.7 oz) thinly sliced pork

8 large prawns/shrimp

3 baby bok choy

4 Chinese cabbage leaves, cut into bite-sized pieces

2 tbsp Chinese Shaoxing cooking wine

¾ cup chicken stock

1½ tbsp corn flour (cornstarch) mixed with 2 tbsp water

¼ tsp ground white pepper


Stir-fry sauce:

2 tbsp oyster sauce

1 tbsp soy sauce

½ tsp sugar

  • Step 1

    For the stir-fry sauce, mix the ingredients and set aside for later.

  • Step 2

    Shake out the egg noodles and form into a rough circle about the size of the bottom of your frying pan. Heat the oil in a non-stick frying pan over medium-high heat. Slide the noodles into the pan so that they form a neat circle. Cook for about a minute before pouring in 3 tablespoons of water. Allow the water for evaporate and steam the noodles for another 2-3 minutes or until the bottom is crispy. Flip the noodle cake over and cook for another 2-3 minutes or until the second side is golden and crispy. Transfer the noodle cake to a large serving plate.

  • Step 3

    Remove all but about 1 tablespoon of oil from the frying pan. Place the pan back onto a high heat. Add the garlic, onion and carrot. Cook, stir-frying for about a minute. Then add the pork and stir-fry until almost cooked. Add the prawns and stir-fry until almost cooked. Then add the bok choy and cabbage leaves. Add the Chinese wine and allow to simmer for half a minute. Then pour in the stir-fry sauce and toss to coat. Add the chicken stock and simmer for another minute. Stir through the corn flour mixture. Simmer until just thickened. Season with pepper and then spoon onto the centre of the crispy noodle cake. Serve straight away.

Hey Foodie. So glad you're here. Let's hav some fun making delicious food. Hey Foodie. So glad you're here. Let's hav some fun making delicious food.

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The cooking demonstrations are so easy yet details for following. This is my most loved Chinese fry noodles dish. Thank you for your excellent cookery skills 👏 👍

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This recipe is a keeper!


Tried this recipe for the first time tonight and it was so easy to follow. I prepared the recipe for two as written. It turned out great- so delicious. I didn’t want to mess up by forgetting an ingredient or step, so I lined up my ingredients in order of use. That was super helpful.

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