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by Marion's Kitchen

Marion’s Kitchen Australia Pty. Ltd. – Terms and Conditions

1. Agreement

  • (a) These Terms and Conditions, together with the Statement of Work, constitute an agreement between Marion’s Kitchen and the Talent in relation to the Talent’s supply of the Talent Services to Marion’s Kitchen (Agreement).  
  • (b) The Statement of Work, together with these Terms and Conditions, constitutes an offer from Marion’s Kitchen that is capable of acceptance by the Talent. 
  • (c) The Talent will be taken to have accepted the Agreement if the Talent confirms to Marion’s Kitchen in writing that it accepts the terms of the Statement of Work. 
  • (d) This Agreement expires on the date that the parties agree in writing (acting reasonably) that the Book is further Book sales is not commercially viable to continue the commercial arrangement contemplated under this Agreement (Expiry Date).

2. Definitions and Interpretation

2.1 Definitions

  1. Unless the context requires otherwise, words beginning with capital letters have the meanings given to them in the Statement of Work or as defined below:
  2. Agreement is defined in clause 1(a).
  3. Book means the book that is the end-product that is the subject of a Statement of Work and this Agreement, the description of which is set out in the Statement of Work.
  4. Book Sales means a transaction whereby a copy of the Book is purchased by a customer but excludes any refunds, partial or full, in respect of any returns of Books. 
  5. Business Day means a day on which banks open for trading in New South Wales, excluding Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. 
  6. Carry Over Amount means $1,000.
  7. Claim means any claim, notice, investigation, action, proceeding, demand, cost, damage, loss, expense, liability or other outgoing of whatever nature, past and present, howsoever and whensoever arising, whether known or unknown, fixed or ascertained, actual or contingent.
  8. Confidential Information means all information used by or relating to Marion’s Kitchen that is, or could reasonably expected to be regarded as, confidential to Marion’s Kitchen, including but not limited to:
    • (8a) the financial or accounting details of Marion’s Kitchen (including any supply, cost, selling or pricing information or policies of Marion’s Kitchen in relation to the Book);
    • (8b) the personal, business or financial details relating to customers, retailers, distributors or suppliers or any prospective customers, retailers, distributors or suppliers of Marion’s Kitchen (including their identity, and any lists, accounts or contact details, and any information relating to their usual preferences or requirements);
    • (8c) the strategic, business, marketing or advertising plans and strategies of Marion’s Kitchen; 
    • (8d) the Intellectual Property;
    • (8e) the contents of any Profit Share Statement;
    • (8f) training courses and techniques, trade secrets, methods, processes, technical designs or specifications, know-how, concepts, diagrams, data, proofs or prints, computer programs, databases, drawings, graphs, formulae, plans and designs;
    • (8g) the agreements and arrangements of Marion’s Kitchen, including this agreement; and
    • (8h) information disclosed or revealed in confidence to the Talent, or in circumstances which the Talent knew or should have known were confidential,
  9. but does not include any information that becomes readily available to the public or falls within the public domain as a result of any breach by the Talent, the Talent Representative or any other personnel of the Talent of their duties at law.
  10. Copyright means:
      • (10a) any copyright under the Copyright Act;
      • (10b) any copyright under the law of a country other than Australia; and
      • (10c) rights in the nature of or analogous to the rights in (a) and (b) under the law of Australia or any other country.

Copyright Act means Copyright Act 1968 (Cth).

Deduction Costs is defined in clause 10.2(a)

Deed Poll means the Talent Representative Deed Poll as that document appears at Schedule 1 of the Statement of Work, or in some other form as approved by Marion’s Kitchen.

Delivery Date means, any respect of any of the Talent Services, the date the relevant Talent Services must be performed or otherwise delivered to Marion’s Kitchen as set out in the Statement of Work, or as otherwise reasonably determined by Marion’s Kitchen.

Expiry Date is defined in clause 1(d).

Force Majeure Event means an act of God, war, any act of terrorism, epidemic, pandemic, revolution, any unlawful act against public order or authority, a strike or industrial dispute, an act or omission of a governmental agency, or any other event (whether the same or different to the events set out in this definition) that is out of a party’s reasonable control.

Forecast Document is defined in clause 7(a).

GST has the meaning given to it under GST Law.

GST Law has the meaning given in section 195-1 of the A New Tax System (Goods and Services Tax) Act 1999.

Insolvency Event means, in relation to a party:

  1. (1a) any act of insolvency by that party under applicable law;
  2. (1b) any application made to a court for that party to be wound up or liquidated;
  3. (1c) that party ceasing to carry on business or resolving to wind itself up, or otherwise, dissolve itself, or give notice of its intention to do so;
  4. (1d) a person is taken to have failed to comply with a statutory demand (as defined in section 9 of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth)) by operation of section 459F of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth);
  5. (1e) the appointment of a liquidator, provisional liquidator, administrator, receiver, manager or controller in respect of that party or its assets;
  6. (1f) any writ of execution, garnishee order, mareva injunction or similar order, attachment or other process is made, levied or issued against or in relation to any asset of a person;
  7. (1g) anything analogous or having a substantially similar effect to any of the events specified in paragraphs (a) to (f) of this definition (inclusive) under the law of any jurisdiction by which that party is governed; or 
  8. (1h) a person is or admits in writing that it is, or is declared to be, or is taken under any applicable law to be (for any purpose), insolvent or unable to pay its debts.
  • 2 .Intellectual Property Rights means any and all intellectual and industrial property rights and interests of whatever nature throughout the world conferred under statute, common law or equity, under the laws of any jurisdiction in the world, whether existing now or at any time in the future, and includes rights in respect of, or in connection with:
    1. (2a) Copyright;
    2. (2b) designs, patterns, semiconductor, circuit layout or plant breeder rights (whether registered, unregistered or applied for);
    3. (2c) trade marks, service marks, trade names, business names, company names, brand names, product names or domain name;
    4. (2d) patent and industrial property rights;
    5. (2e) Confidential Information;
    6. (2f) ideas, concepts, formulas, algorithms, know-how, trade secrets, techniques, methods, processes, programs, designs, prototypes, systems, trade secrets and inventions (whether in writing or recorded in any form); 
    7. (2g) any other proprietary, licence or personal rights (whether registrable or not registrable); and
    8. (2h) rights in or relating to registrations, renewals, extensions, combinations, divisions, and reissues of, and applications for, any of the rights referred to in paragraphs (a) to (g), whether now existing or created after the date of this Agreement.

Marion’s Kitchen means Marion’s Kitchen Australia Pty. Ltd. ACN 146 483 490.

Marion’s Kitchen Services means the services to be performed or undertaken by Marion’s Kitchen under this Agreement, the details of which are set out in the section of the Statement of Work titled ‘Marion’s Kitchen Services’.

Minimum Sale Number means in respect of any Sale Period and any region, the minimum number of Book Sales required to be sold as agreed by the parties or in the absence of such agreement, as reasonably required by Marion’s Kitchen.

Moral Rights means the right of attribution of authorship, the right not to have authorship falsely attributed and the right of integrity of authorship, as defined and as set out under Part IX of the Copyright Act and any foreign corresponding rights.

  • 3. Net Revenue means revenue directly derived from Book Sales and received by us (at the Book’s Recommended Retail Price including GST, VAT or similar or other taxes) less discounts, less payment gateway charges.

Personal Information has the meaning given to it in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).

Profit Share Statement is defined in clause 10.3(a).

Quarter is defined in clause 10.1(a)(ii).

Recipes means the cooking recipes provided by the Talent to Marion’s Kitchen pursuant to the Statement of Work.

Sale Period means any period of time as determined by Marion’s Kitchen from time to time and notified by Marion’s Kitchen to the Talent in writing relating to prospective Book sales and forecasts and, in the absence of such determination, a calendar month.

Special Conditions means any terms or conditions set out in the Statement of Work in the section ‘Special Conditions’. 

Statement of Work means a ‘Statement of Work’ issued by Marion’s Kitchen, and accepted by the Talent, in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

Replacement Talent Services is defined in clause 5.4(a)(i). 

Replacement Talent Services Costs is defined in clause 5.4(a)(ii).

Talent means person or entity identified as the ‘Talent’ in the applicable Statement of Work.

Talent Profit means, for each Quarter, the Talent Profit calculated in accordance with clause 10 of this Agreement and the Statement of Work.

Talent Representative means:

  1. (a) the person who is named as the ‘Talent Representative’ in the Statement of Work; 
  2. (b) where the Talent is an individual and no other ‘Talent Representative’ is named in the Statement of Work, the Talent.

Talent Services means each of the following:

  1. (3a) the services set out in the section of the Statement of Work titled ‘Talent Services’.
  2. (3b) any additional services and activities described in clause 5.1(b); and
  3. (3c) any promotional services and activities described in clause 5.3.

Talent Work means any document, product, material or deliverable delivered by or on behalf of the Talent to Marion’s Kitchen in the course of performing the Talent Services.

  • 4. Taxable Supply has the meaning given in section 195-1 of the GST Law.
  • 5. Terms and Conditions means these terms and conditions (as may be amended from time to time).
  • 6. Third Party Infringement Issue is defined in clause 8.7(a).
  • 7. Unsatisfactory Talent Services is defined in clause 5.4(a).

2.2 Interpretation

The following rules apply unless the context requires otherwise:

  1. (a) if the Statement of Work includes any Special Conditions, these Terms and Conditions must be read subject to those special conditions;
  2. (b) headings are for convenience only and do not affect interpretation;
  3. (c) a reference to a clause is a reference to a clause of these Terms and Conditions;
  4. (d) a reference to time is to Sydney, Australia time;
  5. (e) a reference to ‘$’ ‘AUD$’ ‘AUD’ or ‘dollars’ is a reference to the lawful currency of Australia;
  6. (f) a reference to a person includes a natural person, partnership, body corporate, association, governmental or local authority or agency or other entity;
  7. (g) a reference to a right or obligation of any two or more persons confers that right, or imposes that obligation, as the case may be, jointly and severally; and
  8. (h) the meaning of general words is not limited by specific examples introduced by including, or for example, or similar expressions.

3. Application of Terms and Conditions

3.1 Application and acceptance

  1. (a) These Terms and Conditions apply to and govern all Statements of Work, the Marion’s Kitchen Services and the Talent Services.
  2. (b) By submitting a Statement of Work the Talent:
    1. (i) warrants that it has the authority to accept these Terms and Conditions; and
    2. (ii) confirms acceptance of these Terms and Conditions on behalf of itself and the Talent Representative (as applicable).
  3. (c) Each Statement of Work that is executed by the Talent will form a separate contract between Marion’s Kitchen and the Talent in respect of the subject matter of that Statement of Work and will incorporate and be governed by these Terms and Conditions.
  4. (d) The Agreement is the entire agreement of the parties on its subject matter. The only enforceable rights and obligations of the parties in relation to the subject matter of the Agreement are those that arise out of the provisions contained in the Agreement, and:
    1. (i)all representations, communications and prior agreements in relation to the subject matter of this Agreement are merged in and superseded by the Agreement; and
    2. (ii) if the Talent provides Marion’s Kitchen with any terms and conditions before or after the date of this Agreement in respect of the subject matter of this Agreement, the parties will not be bound to comply with any of the provisions set out in, or associated with, those other terms and conditions. 

3.2 Variation or Waiver

    1. (a) These Terms and Conditions cannot be waived or varied unless the variation is agreed in writing by a director or secretary of Marion’s Kitchen.
    2. (b) Except as provided in clause 3.2(a), Marion’s Kitchen is not bound by any terms and conditions contained in any documentation, terms and conditions, agreement or contract, or any instructions given as between the Talent and a third party, including for the avoidance of doubt any terms and conditions, agreement or contract between the Talent and a third party in connection with the Talent discharging any obligations under the Agreement.

3.3 Further Statements of Work

Marion’s Kitchen may amend the Terms and Conditions from time to time as they apply to further or additional Statements of Work.

4 The Talent Representative

4.1 Delivery of executed Deed Poll

If the Talent is a corporate entity: 

  1. (a) the Talent must deliver to Marion’s Kitchen a Deed Poll duly executed by the Talent Representative; and 
  2. (b) Marion’s Kitchen is not required to perform any obligation under the Agreement unless and until it receives a duly executed copy of the Deed Poll.

4.2 Undertaking

If the Talent is a corporate entity, the Talent: 

  1. (a) must procure any obligation of the Talent under the Agreement to be personally performed by the Talent Representative; and 
  2. (b) warrants and will ensure that the Talent Representative:
    1. (i) is aware of the Talent Representative’s obligations under the Agreement; 
    2. (ii) performs the Talent Services;
    3. (iii) is not replaced by another person without the prior written approval of Marion’s Kitchen; and
    4. (iv) does not delegate or subcontract the provision of any Talent Services to any other person or entity without Marion’s Kitchen’s prior consent.

5. Talent Services

5.1 Performance and delivery 

      1. (a) The Talent will perform or deliver to Marion’s Kitchen (as applicable) the Talent Services as directed by Marion’s Kitchen and in accordance with any requirements: 
        1. (i) set out in the Statement of Work, including but not limited performing or delivery any Talent Services no later than any applicable Delivery Date; and
        2. (ii) notified to the Talent by Marion’s Kitchen from time to time. 
      2. (b) Marion’s Kitchen may from time to time, notify the Talent of any additional services or activities that Marion’s Kitchen may reasonably require the Talent to perform in relation to the Book:
        1. (i) to support Book Sales; or 
        2. (ii) otherwise that may be in the commercial interest of both the Talent and Marion’s Kitchen

5.2 Disagreement on publication

      1. (a) In the event that the Talent is not satisfied with the quality or appearance of the Book post-production, Marion’s Kitchen may determine in its sole discretion decide whether or not to sell the Book.
      2. (b) If Marion’s Kitchen determines to sell the Book in accordance with clause 5.2(a), and the Talent does not agree to perform any of the Talent Services in respect of the Book: 
        1. (i) the Talent is released from performing all Talent Services under this Agreement; 
        2. (ii) Marion’s Kitchen is entitled to all revenue generated from the Book Sales; and 
        3. (iii) the Talent is not entitled to any Talent Profit.  

5.3 Promotional Requirements of Talent

The Talent must perform such marketing, promotional and community engagement services for, or as directed by, Marion’s Kitchen for the purposes of promoting the Book which:

  1. (a) are specified in the Statement of Work; or
  2. (b) are otherwise requested by Marion’s Kitchen from time to time during the Term.

5.4 Replacement Talent Services

    1. (a) If the Talent does not perform the Talent Services in accordance with the Statement of Work or satisfactorily as solely determined by Marion’s Kitchen (acting reasonably) (including but not limited to Talent Services that relate to the promotion of the Book)  (Unsatisfactory Talent Services), Marion’s Kitchen: 
      1. (i) may perform services as a substitute for those Unsatisfactory Talent Services (Replacement Talent Services); and 
      2. (ii) is entitled to be reimbursed for all costs or expenses incurred in connection with the Replacement Talent Services (Replacement Talent Services Costs) by way of issuing an invoice to the Talent, or applying a set-off against any present or future entitlement of the Talent in respect of the Talent Profit, for the Replacement Talent Services Costs. 
    2. (b) For the avoidance of doubt, Marion’s Kitchen is entitled to undertake Replacement Talent Services in accordance with clause 5.4(a) if: 
      1. (i) the number of Book Sales are below, or are likely to be below (as determined by Marion’s Kitchen in its reasonable opinion), the Minimum Sale Number; or
      2. (ii) Marion’s Kitchen determines so as appropriate for the long-term commercial benefit of the parties (acting reasonably).

6. Marion’s Kitchen Services and discretion

    1. (a) Subject to the terms of this Agreement (including, but not limited to, clause 14), Marion’s Kitchen agrees to perform the Marion’s Kitchen Services.
    2. (b) Subject to clause 6(c), Marion’s Kitchen agrees to consult the Talent in respect of the performance of the Marion’s Kitchen Services and the production and promotion of the Book.
    3. (c) The Talent acknowledges that Marion’s Kitchen has the: 
      1. (i) right to all final decisions and entire control over all details of the Book, including but not limited to, preparation, format, binding, typography, cover/jacket design, publication, price, stockholding, printing, logistics, distribution, customer service, pricing strategies, promotions and the terms of Book sales and any refunds; 
      2. (ii) right to make all final decisions in respect of the Talent’s Work and the Book; and
      3. (iii) right to publish and sell the Book through any retailer, distributor or wholesaler, whether with or without the Talent’s approval. For the avoidance of doubt, if the Talent does not agree to the post-production version of the Book, Marion’s Kitchen has the right to publish and sell to or via any retailer, distributor or wholesaler.
    4. (d) Marion’s Kitchen may, in its sole discretion, acting reasonably and at any time (whether before or after the initial publication of the Book), refuse the initial or further publication of the Book for any reason. 
    5. (e) For the avoidance of doubt, Marion’s Kitchen may refuse the publication of the Book under clause 6(d) if: 
      1. (i) it is unsatisfied with the quality of the Book; or
      2. (ii) any supervening event or circumstance or a Force Majeure Event has adversely changes the economic expectations of Marion’s Kitchen rendering the Book of limited remunerative value (in which case clause 20 applies).

7. Forecast Document

    1. (a) Marion’s Kitchen may determine from time to time whether a forecast document is required with respect to any Sale Period (Forecast Document).
    2. (b) The form and contents of the Forecast Document is to be solely determined by Marion’s Kitchen.
    3. (c) The Talent and Marion’s Kitchen agree to consult each other over the inputs for any Forecast Document.

8. Intellectual property ownership

8.1 Grant of licence

Except as provided for in this Agreement, the Talent:

  1. (a) grants Marion’s Kitchen a sole, exclusive (including to the exclusion of the Talent), perpetual, royalty free and transferable licence (including the right to sub-licence) to use and publish the Talent Work (excluding the Recipes) in all languages and anywhere in the world for the Book;
  2. (b) grants Marion’s Kitchen a non-exclusive, perpetual, royalty free and transferrable licence to use the Recipes in connection with the Book in all languages and anywhere in the world for the Book; and
  3. (c) agrees that Marion’s Kitchen is entitled, on an exclusive basis, to distribute and sell copies of the Book containing the Talent Work anywhere in the world. 

8.2 Intellectual Property Rights in the Book

    1. (a) The parties agree that the Copyright and all other Intellectual Property Rights in:
      1. (i) the Book belongs to Marion’s Kitchen (except for the Recipes); and
      2. (ii) the Recipes contained in the Book belong to Talent. 
    2. (b) For the avoidance of doubt, there is no tenant in common ownership or joint authorship in the Intellectual Property Rights in respect of the Book notwithstanding that Recipes are included in the Book. 
    3. (c) The Talent agrees that Marion’s Kitchen will own, or be licenced, all Copyright in the Book and will be entitled to:
      1. (i) exploit the Copyright in the Book without requiring the consent of the Talent; and 
      2. (ii) print copyright notices in the Book in a form determined by Marion’s Kitchen which confirm this position, 

but for the avoidance of doubt, Marion’s Kitchen is not permitted to exploit the Recipes in any way other than in connection with the Book.

8.3 Editorship 

The Talent acknowledges that Marion’s Kitchen is the editor of the Book and Marion’s Kitchen is entitled to edit, revise, add to, take from, adapt and translate (or any of these), the portions contributed by the Talent and as we may think fit, except for the Recipes.

8.4 Editorial rights

The editing of the individual contributions of one party by the other party, will not create works of joint authorship.

8.5 Moral rights waiver

To the extent that Talent has any Moral Rights in the Talent Work, and to the extent permitted by law, the Talent unconditionally and irrevocably, waives all of those Moral Rights.

8.6 Infringement or threatened infringement of Intellectual Property Rights in the Book

    1. (a) In the event of an infringement or threatened infringement of the Copyright or any Intellectual Property Rights in the Book the parties will consult, and if the parties agree, obtain legal advice regarding taking proceedings to protect their rights in the Book. If the parties determines to jointly initiate legal proceedings: 
      1. (i) the costs of such proceedings, and any penalties or damages that may be recovered; and 
      2. (ii) any account of profits that may be recovered,

are to be divided between the parties in a manner reflective of the proportions of Net Revenue to which each party is entitled under this Agreement. 

  1. (b) If only one of the parties desires to take action to obtain redress in relation to an infringement of the Copyright in the Book that party may commence an action or take such other proceedings as they may deem proper and may sue in the name of both parties. In that event, the cost of such proceedings are borne by the party who commences the proceedings and the party taking legal action indemnifies the other party against any liability for costs in the proceedings. The costs of the litigation must not be deducted from Net Revenue nor in any way will such costs be taken into account in calculating the Talent Profit. If the Talent taking action alone recovers penalties, damages or an account of profits, the Talent is bound to account to Marion’s Kitchen for any amounts so recovered that is reflective of the intention of the calculation of Talent Profit as a proportion of Net Revenue under this Agreement.

8.7 Infringement or threatened infringement of a third party’s Intellectual Property Rights

    1. (a) Each party agrees to immediately notify the other notify upon becoming aware of the Book (or any Talent Services in connection with the Book) has infringed, or is likely to have infringe, upon a third party’s Intellectual Property Rights (Third Party Infringement Issue). 
    2. (b) In the event of a Third Party Infringement Issue, the parties will consult each other as to what action in dealing with the Third Party Infringement Issue, but the final action will be solely determined by Marion’s Kitchen.

9. Distribution and sale of Books

    1. (a) Marion’s Kitchen is entitled to distribute or sell the Book to any publisher, distributor, retailer, sales platform or customer anywhere in the world that it may choose in its sole discretion. 
    2. (b) The Talent acknowledges that Marion’s Kitchen is entitled to distribute any number of copies of the Books at or below the cost price of the Book to any customer that Marion’s Kitchen may choose in its sole discretion, if it is in Marion’s Kitchen reasonable opinion that such distribution would for the commercial or reputational benefit for both Marion’s Kitchen and the Talent. 

10. Profit Share 

10.1 Payment of Talent Profit

      1. (a) Subject to the terms of the Agreement (including but not limited to clause 10.2):
        1. (i) the Talent may be entitled to receive the Talent Profit that has accrued from time to time during the Term; and
        2. (ii) if the Talent is entitled to Talent Profit, Marion’s Kitchen will pay the Talent the applicable Talent Profit to a bank account nominated by the Talent on a quarterly basis commencing on the first date the Book is made available for sale (each quarter being a Quarter). 
      2. (b) For the avoidance of doubt, if the Net Revenue for any Quarter is equal to or less than $0 for a Quarter, the Talent is not entitled to any Talent Profit for that Quarter.

10.2 Deductions from Talent Profit

      1. (a) The Talent acknowledges that the Talent Profit for a particular Quarter may be deducted by:
        1. (i) any Replacement Talent Services Costs; and
        2. (ii) any other costs incurred by Marion’s Kitchen by reason of the Talent’s default or error, including (for example), if a revised or corrected edition of the Book is necessary by reason of the Talent Work being incorrect or otherwise requiring a change, including (but not limited to) a change in a Recipe,

(the aggregate sum of the above being, the Deduction Costs).

  1. (b) For the avoidance of doubt, if the Deduction Costs is greater than the Talent Profit for a particular Quarter, the Talent Profit will be nil and the Talent will be liable to reimburse Marion’s Kitchen for any outstanding Deduction Costs. 

10.3 Profit Share Statement

    1. (a) Marion’s Kitchen will prepare and compile profit share statements for each Quarter, the form of which will be in Marion’s Kitchen’s sole discretion (Profit Share Statement). 
    2. (b) The Talent is entitled to receive a copy of the Profit Share Statement for each Quarter after Marion’s Kitchen has prepared the Profit Share Statement.   
    3. (c) If, in respect of any Quarter, the Talent Profit due to the Talent is less than the Carry Over Amount, Marion’s Kitchen may decide in its sole discretion to carry forward the Carry Over Amount to the subsequent  Quarter. For the avoidance of doubt, the Talent is entitled to the Carry Over Amount except to the extent that the Carry Over Amount is reduced to nil by any applicable Deduction Costs in the subsequent Quarter.

10.4 Inspection of accounts

    1. (a) The Talent will have the right, on 10 Business Days prior written notice to Marion’s Kitchen, to examine the books of account of Marion’s Kitchen insofar as they relate to the Book. 
    2. (b) The examination referred to in clause 10.4(a): 
      1. (i) will be carried out during normal business hours and not more than twice in any calendar year; and
      2. (ii) will be at the sole cost of the Talent unless it reveals an underpayment to the Talent of 5% or more of the total sums paid to the Talent, in which case in addition to payment of the underpayment to the Talent, Marion’s Kitchen will pay the reasonable costs incurred by the Talent of such examination (excluding travel costs).
    3. (c) The Talent will have the right to examine any statement of account for a period of 2 years only following receipt after which the statement of account will be deemed accepted.

11. Further books

The Talent acknowledges and agrees that:

  1. (a) Marion’s Kitchen is entitled to the first right of refusal to create and publish (whether on its own or jointly with any third party) any supplementary or additional work by the Talent or Talent Representative (as applicable) in respect of any future books or written publications authored or contributed to by the Talent or Talent Representative, in accordance with Marion’s Kitchen then-current standard terms of creator publishing; 
  2. (b) neither the Talent nor the Talent Representative may publish any book or written publication that is in any way similar to, derived from or supplementary to, the Book without first complying with clause 11(a), whether during or after the Term; and
  3. (c) the obligations of the Talent and Talent Representative under this clause 11 form a material part of the consideration being received by Marion’s Kitchen under this Agreement.  

12. Talent access to and copies of the Book

The Talent is entitled to receive from Marion’s Kitchen any number of copies of the Book (including for the Talent to distribute to family, friends and other close associations) that Marion’s Kitchen determines in its sole discretion at no cost to the Talent. 

13. Talent Restrictions

Except as expressly permitted by the Agreement, the Talent and the Talent Representative must not, without Marion’s Kitchen’s prior written consent:

  1. (a) subject to clause 18, publish the Book in any forum or format;
  2. (b) consent to any interviews, media appearances, the publication of extracts or articles, or any other publicity relating to the Book. The Talent agrees to refer any requests made to the Talent for such publicity to Marion’s Kitchen; and
  3. (c) prepare or publish, or authorise or permit the publication of any part of the Book (except for the Recipes) or any other material or content that is of a nature which may reasonably be considered by Marion’s Kitchen to be likely to compete with, or to affect prejudicially the Book Sales (including but not limited to any other publication containing the Recipes).

14. Assumptions and qualifications

    1. (a) The Talent acknowledges and agrees that the terms of the Agreement, including but not limited to, the calculation of the Talent Profit, are based upon the assumptions and representations provided by the Talent to Marion’s Kitchen, whether before or during the Term. Those assumptions and representations include that: 
      1. (i) the information that is contained in each Forecast Document is true and correct;
      2. (ii) Marion’s Kitchen will not check or verify the information it receives from the Talent, and will rely on such information, including but not limited to, information contained in any Forecast Document; 
      3. (iii) there are no undue complications or significant delays to the Talent performing any Talent Services;
      4. (iv) there is no material change to scope of the Talent Services as a result of any action, omission or request by the Talent, and the Talent Services is the same as those which are outlined in the Agreement; and
      5. (v) information provided to Marion’s Kitchen is sufficient and in an appropriate form so as to enable Marion’s Kitchen to undertake the Marion’s Kitchen Services;
    2. (b) Any obligation of Marion’s Kitchen to perform the Marion Kitchen Services will no longer apply in respect of any Sale Period where: 
      1. (i) the Minimum Sale Number has not been satisfied; or 
      2. (ii) Marion’s Kitchen have determined that it will not procure the Replacement Talent Services (acting reasonably). 
    3. (c) Marion’s Kitchen is entitled to modify or amend any term of the Agreement, including the calculation of the Talent Profit, if: 
      1. (i) any of the assumptions or qualifications listed in clause 14(a) are incorrect; or
      2. (ii) the Talent fails to perform the Talent Services in accordance with the Agreement, including but not limited to, by performance of the Talent Services by any applicable Delivery Date.

15. Warranties

The Talent undertakes and warrants to Marion’s Kitchen that: 

  1. (a) the Talent has full power and authority to enter into this Agreement and to give the warranties and indemnities contained in this Agreement;
  2. (b) the person giving instructions to Marion’s Kitchen for the performance of the Talent Services warrants that they are authorised by the Talent to do so;
  3. (c) the Talent is the sole owner of all rights, title and interest in the Talent Work licensed to Marion’s Kitchen in this Agreement and have not licensed those rights to any third party previously in a manner which conflicts with the rights granted to Marion’s Kitchen;
  4. (d) the Talent Work is and will be original work of the Talent and has not been and will not be published anywhere in the world (other than by Marion’s Kitchen), unless if Marion’s Kitchen: 
    1. (i) provides the Talent with its prior written consent; or
    2. (ii) grants a licence to the Talent in accordance clause 18(b).
  5. (e) the Talent Work and the use and exploitation of the Talent Work by Marion’s Kitchen or any of Marion’s Kitchen’s sub-licensees will not infringe the Copyright or any other Intellectual Property Rights of any third parties;
  6. (f) it will to abide by and preserve the Intellectual Property of Marion’s Kitchen;
  7. (g) the Talent Work contains nothing which, to the knowledge of Marion’s Kitchen, is obscene, offensive, libelous, defamatory, a contempt of court or unlawful and will not expose either parties to any civil or criminal proceedings;
  8. (h) all statements in the contributions to the Book purporting to be factual are to the best of the Talent’s knowledge and belief, true and accurate;
  9. (i) electronic versions of the Talent Work delivered to Marion’s Kitchen will be free from viruses or similarly destructive programs;
  10. (j) any recipe, formula or instruction in any of the Talent Work (including, but not limited to, the Recipes), if followed as described in the Talent Work, will not cause loss, damage or injury to the person carrying out such instructions or to any other person; and
  11. (k) the representations made by the Talent prior to entering this Agreement are true;

16. Indemnities and liability for Claims

    1. (a) The Talent indemnifies, and will keep indemnified, Marion’s Kitchen and each of its directors, officers, employees, agents, subsidiaries and related bodies corporate (the Indemnified) against all actions, Claims (including all legal costs on a solicitor-client basis) incurred or owed by Marion’s Kitchen or made against the Marion’s Kitchen (or any of the Indemnified) arising out of or relating to any breach or alleged breach of the warranties given by the Talent in clause 15 or otherwise a breach of this Agreement by the Talent. 
    2. (b) In the event of a Claim that is inconsistent with the Talent’s warranties in clause 15, Marion’s Kitchen may retain any sums due to be paid to the Talent under this Agreement or any other agreement between the parties until final determination of any such claim, and such sums retained by Marion’s Kitchen may be used by Marion’s Kitchen to set off any liability of Marion’s Kitchen to the Talent.
    3. (c) The Talent must notify Marion’s Kitchen upon it becoming aware of any Claim relating to the Book.

17. Termination or expiration of a Statement of Work or Agreement

17.1 Termination or expiration

      1. (a) No Statement of Work may be terminated by the Talent except with the Marion Kitchen’s prior written consent. 
      2. (b) If the Talent terminates all or any part of a Statement of Work other than in accordance with clause 17.1(a), the Talent indemnifies Marion’s Kitchen against any and all liability Marion’s Kitchen may suffer as a result of such termination.
      3. (c) Marion’s Kitchen may terminate the Agreement by providing the Talent notice upon the occurrence of any of the following events:
        1. (i) the Talent breaches a material term in this Agreement such as a warranty, which in Marion’s Kitchen’s reasonable opinion, cannot be remedied;
        2. (ii) the Talent breaches a material term in this Agreement, which has not been remedied by Marion’s Kitchen within 20 Business Days after receiving notice of the breach;
        3. (iii) an Insolvency Event occurs in respect of the Talent or the Talent Representative; or
        4. (iv) the Talent commits fraud or an act of serious or wilful misconduct.
      4. (d) Upon termination or expiration of the Agreement, any and all amounts payable by the Talent to Marion’s Kitchen in respect of any period prior to termination or the Expiry Date, including for any Deduction Costs provided but not yet invoiced, must be paid to Marion’s Kitchen within 20 Business Days after the date of termination.
      5. (e) On termination or expiration of this Agreement for any reason, Marion’s Kitchen may destroy any copies of the Book in its possession, power or control.

17.2 Clauses surviving termination

Clauses 2, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 21, 22 and 23 survive termination or expiration of the Agreement.

18. Talent’s right to exploit the Book after the Expiry Date 

Subject to full repayment by the Talent to Marion’s Kitchen of any Deduction Costs unrecovered by the Marion’s Kitchen at the time of expiration, expiration of this Agreement for any reason will cause: 

  1. (a) all Intellectual Property Rights granted by the Talent to Marion’s Kitchen in this Agreement to revert to the Talent; and 
  2. (b) Marion’s Kitchen to grant an exclusive and perpetual licence to the Talent to publish and commercialise the Book.

19. Personal Information

Where Marion’s Kitchen discloses Personal Information to the Talent, the Talent must ensure it has, on behalf of Marion’s Kitchen, obtained from the person to whom the Personal Information relates consent for the Talent to collect, use and/or disclose the Personal Information to provide the Talent Services. To the maximum extent permitted by law, the Talent indemnifies Marion’s Kitchen and its officers, employees and contractors against all Claims that arise from or are connected with the provision of any Personal Information by Marion’s Kitchen to the Talent.

20. Events beyond party’s control

To the maximum extent permitted by law and without limiting any other provision of these Terms and Conditions, the parties will not be liable for any delay or failure to perform the Marion’s Kitchen Services or Talent Services (as applicable) or any other obligations resulting from any Force Majeure Event. In such circumstances the affected party will be entitled to a reasonable extension of the time for performing such obligations. If the period of delay or non-performance continues for 8 weeks, the party not affected by the Force Majeure Event may terminate this agreement by giving one weeks’ written notice to the affected party.

21. Confidentiality 

In respect of the Confidential Information: 

  1. (a) the Talent must, at all times:
    1. (i) keep any Confidential Information secret and confidential, except to the extent that it is required by law or authorised by Marion’s Kitchen to disclose it; 
    2. (ii) only use the Confidential Information for authorised purposes for the benefit of Marion’s Kitchen, and not in any way that will directly or indirectly injure or cause loss to Marion’s Kitchen or may be likely to do so; 
    3. (iii) abide by all directions of Marion’s Kitchen in relation to the Confidential Information;
    4. (iv) take all action to ensure that material on which Confidential Information is recorded is secure and protected from any unauthorised use or disclosure; 
    5. (v) not make, reproduce, copy, retain or exploit any Confidential Information to any degree other than as required by the Services and their duties and responsibilities under the agreement; and
    6. (vi) promptly notify Marion’s Kitchen if it suspects or becomes aware of any use or disclosure of the Confidential Information that is contrary to law or to its duties and responsibilities under this agreement.
  2. (b) If there is any uncertainty as to whether any information is Confidential Information or lawfully within the public domain for the purposes of this agreement, the information will be taken by the Talent to be Confidential Information and not within the public domain unless advised in writing to the contrary by Marion’s Kitchen.

22. Talent costs

The Talent is liable to bear its own costs in relation to the performance of the Talent Services, except as expressly provided for in this Agreement.

23. General

23.1 Assignment

The Talent must not assign or transfer its rights or obligations under this Agreement to any other party without the prior written consent of Marion’s Kitchen (which may be withheld in its absolute discretion).

23.2 Notices

    1. (a) Any notice required or permitted to be delivered to any party under these Terms and Conditions must be in writing and is deemed properly delivered, given and received:
      1. (i) when delivered by hand;
      2. (ii) if sent by registered mail, one Business Day after being sent;
      3. (iii) if sent by overnight delivery via a national courier service, one business day after being sent; and
      4. (iv) on the day sent by email, provided that the sender has not received a transmission error as of or prior to 5:00 p.m. local time of the intended recipient on such day, 

and in each case is sent or delivered to a party’s last known address or email address, as applicable. 

  1. (b) The Talent must notify Marion’s Kitchen in writing of any change to its address, phone number or email address within 10 Business Days of any such change.

23.3 No partnership or other relationship

Nothing in the Agreement will, or is intended to, establish a relationship of partnership, agency or employment between Marion’s Kitchen and the Talent, or Marion’s Kitchen and any Talent Representative or other person engaged by the Talent to perform the Talent Services, and it is the intention of the parties that any such relationship is expressly denied.

23.4 Further action

Each party must use reasonable efforts to do all things necessary or desirable to give full effect to this Agreement.

23.5 Severability

Part or all of any provision of the Agreement that is illegal or unenforceable must be severed from the Agreement and will not affect the continued operation of the remaining provisions of the Agreement.

23.6 Continuing obligations

The termination of this agreement or the Talent Services will not affect in any way the obligations that are expressed in the Agreement, or are by their nature intended, to be binding on the parties after the termination.

23.7 Waiver

A party does not waive a right, power or remedy if it fails to exercise or delays in exercising the right, power or remedy. A single or partial exercise of a right, power or remedy does not prevent another or further exercise of that or another right, power or remedy.  A waiver of a right, power or remedy must be in writing and signed by the party giving the waiver.

23.8 GST

Except as the parties otherwise agree, all amounts payable under this Agreement do not include GST. If any amount payable under this agreement is the consideration for a Taxable Supply, then GST must be paid in addition to the amount specified in this Agreement, provided that the Talent is registered for the purposes of the GST Law and the Talent provides Marion’s Kitchen with an invoice in the form of tax invoice required by the GST Law.

23.9 Governing law and jurisdiction

These Terms and Conditions and each Statement of Work are governed by and to be construed in accordance with the laws in force in the State of New South Wales and each party submits to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of that State.