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Marion’s Kitchen Thai massaman curry recipes

This mild curry is the perfect blend of flavours and spices and is a much-loved and distinctive Thai dish. Marion’s easy and accessible meal kit will have you creating aromatic curries with everything from lamb to chicken and duck. Or even try it as a pie filling!

What do you eat with massaman curry?

Massaman curry is a popular Thai dish that already contains both meat (typically beef) and potatoes. It is already quite a filling curry as a standalone dish, however it is also often served with steamed rice. You can also serve Massaman curry with roti to help soak up all those saucy flavours, or steamed Asian greens if you wanted to get some extra veg in there. 


What makes massaman curry different?

Massaman curry is different from your typical Thai curries for a couple of reasons. Firsty Massaman curry is typically much more mild than other Thai curries. Massaman curry also has a number of whole spices added to the paste that give it a rich and luxurious taste. 


What is Massaman curry sauce made of?

Massaman curry sauce is a combination of Thai Massaman curry paste and coconut milk. Typically you also add extra fish sauce to the curry for added umami goodness. Massaman curry paste is chock full of spices including cardamom, cumin, nutmeg and lemongrass.