Marion’s Kitchen Sticky Chilli Ginger recipes

This finger-licking-good marinade is so versatile – and so easy to use in many of Marion’s favourite recipes. The ginger adds just the right amount of flavour while the chilli provides the punch.

Does chilli and ginger go together?

Yes! Chilli and ginger is an unreal and often underrated flavour combination. The combination of chilli and ginger is what makes our Marion’s Kitchen Chilli and Ginger Marinade so delicious. We have so many Sticky Chilli and Ginger recipes for you to get inspired when you’re in the midst of a what’s-for-dinner-emergency.


How do I use Sticky Chilli Ginger Marinade? 

This sticky chilli ginger marinade is super simple to use and you can use it for just about everything. You can add it to meat, seafood and veggies or use it as a sauce for your stir fries or noodle dishes. Some of our fave recipes using this sticky chilli ginger marinade are the extra creamy Coconut Sweet Chilli Chicken, Slow-cooker Sticky Beef Noodles, Sticky Chicken Noodle Salad or the extra cheesy Sticky Chilli Ginger Pulled Pork Nachos.