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Marion’s Kitchen Prawn Noodle Recipes

Noodles and prawns…it’s truly an epic combo, and these prawn noodle recipes are here to show you why! I’m a big believer in carbs just about everything, and prawns are no exception to that rule! There are so many noodle dishes that are sooooo much better with the addition of prawns. Think prawn pad Thai, drunken noodles with prawns, cantonese prawn and gravy noodles and loads more! You can create prawn curry noodles, prawn noodle soups – the sky’s the limit when it comes to prawns and noodles!


Prepare yourself for glossy noodles, juicy prawns and so much goodness! These are the best prawn noodle recipes we know how to make!

Do you boil noodles before stir fry?

If you’ve tried every prawn recipe under the sun (I’m talking prawn curry recipes, battered prawn recipes, even prawn salad recipes) and you want to branch out into noodle territory…this is your sign! In terms of mastering a prawn noodle stir-fry, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. 


Firstly, you want to ensure you have perfectly cooked noodles, without them getting soggy or being undercooked! The trick to this is cooking the noodles before you begin stir-frying. You want to cook your noodles until they are JUST done, anything beyond that and your stir-fry runs the risk of becoming gluggy and sticky. Generally, whatever noodles you fancy will have cooking instructions on the back. So simply cook your noodles according to the package directions (minus a minute or two) and then add them to your wok to finish cooking in your stir-fry. Perfect stir-fry noodles every time! 


Do I cook prawns before adding them to stir-fry?

Ah! The age old question…should I be cooking prawns before using them in my stir-fry? Short answer, no! But it does depend on quite a few different factors. Firstly, your prawns want to be the very first thing you cook when you’re stir-frying, add them first and ensure they are cooked through before adding the rest of your ingredients. 


Secondly, you can use frozen prawns but the same rules apply, make sure you’re cooking them through before you add the rest of your stir-fry ingredients to your wok. 


And lastly, if you have prepared your stir-fry and you’re wanting to chuck some protein through at the last second, you will need to cook your prawns prior. Prawns generally take longer to cook through than the other ingredients in a stir-fry. SO if you add them in at last, the rest of your ingredients will become overcooked waiting for them to be done! 


Sounds complicated but I promise it isn’t, just add your prawns into your wok at the start of your stir-fry and you’re good to go!