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Marion’s Kitchen Prawn Dumpling Recipes

You know me and dumplings, I’m a big fan! And these prawn dumpling recipes are some of my favourites. These dumplings and wontons are packed full of juicy prawns and so much flavour! Eat these dumplings dunked in sauce, smothered in chilli oil or atop of a noodle soup…delicious AND versatile – SCORE! 


These are the ultimate prawn dumplings if you’re looking for something simple, but still super impressive. These are the dumplings that will impress your friends, your folks or your next door neighbours. 


You’ll never want store-bought dumplings again once you try your hand at these handmade dumplings. They’re so much easier than they look – Promise!

What are prawn dumplings made of?

Prawn dumplings, are a prawn recipe that are made of exactly what it sounds like – prawns! However, there are a few ingredients that are commonly included in many prawn dumpling recipes to add extra goodness to your dumplings! 


Pork and prawn dumplings are super popular and compliment each other very well, as do prawn and ginger dumplings. Prawns also go surprisingly well with chives making prawn and chive dumplings, another super popular version of prawn dumplings! The sky’s the limit when it comes to your very own homemade prawn dumplings, you can add (or subtract) whatever it is you fancy. 


Do you put raw filling in dumplings?

Absolutely you can! Using raw filling is the most common way to prepare dumplings. As dumplings are normally quite small in size, there is no need to precook the filling as it cooks through during the steaming, boiling or pan frying process. 


Similarly to the way you don’t pre-cook prawns before adding them to your prawn curry recipes or before using them in your battered prawn recipes or even before using them in your prawn noodle recipes – there is no reason to pre cook the filling for your prawn dumplings! Simply steam, boil or even pan fry until cooked through! 


You also want to ensure that your wonton or dumpling wrappers are cooked through, generally, cooking dumplings from completely raw ingredients only takes about 10-12 minutes. You can even freeze your raw dumplings – keep in mind though that the cooking time will increase if you cook raw dumplings from frozen!