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Marion’s Kitchen Prawn Curry Recipes

If you’ve never added prawns to your favourite curry, what are you waiting for? These prawn curry recipes will turn you from skeptic to total convert! Not only is prawn curry super simple, but it’s also super delicious! 


Perfect for seafood lovers who want a speedy weeknight dinner, these prawn curries will level up your weeknight dinners. The perfect way to sneak more seafood into your diet, these prawn curries are guaranteed to be firm family favourites. 


Thai-style curries, Japanese curries and so many more! Prepare to have your whole household begging for these prawn curries every night of the week!

Can you use frozen prawns for prawn curry?

Absolutely yes! These prawn recipes do not require you to defrost your prawns before starting your cooking – which is a big win for those of us who are craving a quick prawn curry on a weeknight. Unlike the prawn dumpling recipes you might be used too, prawn curries require no defrosting! You can even use frozen raw prawns, frozen cooked prawns or fresh prawns. When whipping up your prawn curry you can simply make your curry sauce and toss in whatever prawn variety you have on hand. 


When creating your perfect prawn curry you can really customise it to your tastes! You can add whatever veg you fancy, play around with the spice levels and you can even take inspo from prawn noodle recipes and serve your curry with a noodle base for something different! 


If you’re wanting something really different from your next prawn curry, try sourcing inspiration from any of the battered prawn recipes in your repertoire. Adding battered prawns adds a crunch and a crispiness that is a welcome guest amongst the spicy goodness that is prawn curries. 


What should I serve with prawn curry?

In terms of what to serve with prawn curry, the options are endless! You can serve your prawn curries alongside noodles, steamed rice or even breads like roti or naan. Roti or naan tend to be my personal favourites as they do an excellent job of soaking up all that saucy goodness that really makes a good prawn curry!