Marion’s Kitchen Garlic Prawn Recipes

Garlic prawns, who doesn’t love them? There are few things better in this world than a juicy, garlicky prawn. And these garlic prawn recipes will have you whipping up garlic prawns like a true professional. There’s traditional Thai garlic prawns, garlic prawns you can chuck on the barbecue and even glossy garlic prawn noodles – if you’re looking to impress, these garlic prawns are THE way to go. 


The perfect recipes to whip up on a weeknight, a backyard barbecue or for those ‘just cause’ occasions. If you want to eat more seafood (but in a delicious way) garlic prawns are going to become your best friend!

What goes well with garlic prawns?

Whether you’re a newbie to prawn recipes, or a seasoned professional – I have no doubt you would’ve heard about the iconic flavour combo that is garlic prawns. Garlic prawns are some of the best ways to have prawns (IMHO) and not only are they delicious but they are also super versatile!


You can level up your prawn salad recipes by adding garlic prawns, or you could even add garlic prawns to your prawn noodle recipes for noodle-y, prawn-y, garlicky goodness. You could incorporate garlic prawns into your next prawn dumpling recipe if you want to get really creative. And of course they are a real crowd pleaser solo.

Garlic prawns are destined to convert even prawn skeptics to prawn lovers with all their herby, garlicky, buttery goodness! And you know what I always say, everything’s better when it’s Asian! And my secret tips, tricks and ingredients will have you chowing down on the Asian inspired garlic prawns of your dreams! 


How do you make garlic butter prawns?

Making garlic butter prawns is actually way more simple than it might seem. You really only need butter, garlic and whatever herbs you fancy (I like to do spring onions and include Shaoxing wine for that real traditional Chinese takeaway taste!). 


After you’ve got your ingredients sorted, it’s so simple! Just melt your butter in a wok or pan, add your garlic and herbs and stir-fry until fragrant. After that you want to chuck in your deveined prawns and cook them though and voila! Garlic butter prawns ready to feed (and impress) the masses!