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Marion’s Kitchen pork stir-fry recipes

When stir-fry is right, it’s really right, but when it goes wrong…well, we’ve all been there. But no longer! These are the ultimate pork stir-fry recipes that will have you whipping up the perfect pork stir-fry, without fail!


Whether you like your pork stir-fry full of oodles of noodles or you’re more of a veggie packed vibe. We have all the best pork stir-fry recipes to take your weeknight dinners from drab to fab!


Whip out your wok and prepare to master the art of pork stir-fries. My tips and tricks will have you go from stir-fry novice to absolute ace – quick smart.

How do you tenderise pork for stir-fry?

My secret trick to tenderising pork in your pork stir-fry recipes is a technique called meat velveting, this technique involves coating your pork in a bicarb and cornflour ‘marinade’ to help tenderise the meat. Trust me, this technique gives next level melt-in-your-mouth pork every single time! This technique is one that you definitely want to keep up your sleeve if you’re a fan of pork stir-fry, but you aren’t a fan of tough, chewy meat. 


What cut of pork is used for stir-fry?

The other thing you want to consider when you’re using pork in your stir-fry, is the cut of meat you are using! When it comes to stir-fry and the cut of meat to use, the world is really your oyster when it comes to pork stir-fry recipes! If you want something speedy to whip up on a weeknight, ground pork is a great option. As is pork tenderloin as it needs to be cooked quickly and at a high heat. If you’re wanting something that takes a little extra time, pork belly makes for an epic stir-fry ingredient and even pork shoulder can be used to level up your pork stir-fry recipes! We have so many pork stir-fry recipes to try and tweak until you find your favourite…from speedy weeknight winners to slightly more labour intensive and flavour-packed pork stir-fry. If you have been wanting to try your hand at something a little different that is still SUPER simple to master, these pork stir-fry recipes will be your new go-to.