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Marion’s Kitchen pork soup recipes

You’ve never tasted pork soup recipes this good. Whether you want a traditional take on ramen with all the trimmings or a set and forget slow-cooker soup. We’ve got you! We’ve even got super simple and speedy weeknight dinners like our sweet corn ramen or a 15-minute noodle soup chock full of bacon, dumplings and noods! 


If you’re a fan of all things soup and have been wanting to try something a bit left of centre. This is your sign! Prepare to have your mind blown and your belly full with these epic soup recipes.


These are the ultimate pork soup recipes to warm you from the inside out.

What broth goes best with pork?

This totally depends on what type of pork soup recipe you are making! Typically if you’re making a ramen or a noodle soup and using pork as the topping, chicken broth is a safe and delicious bet. Chicken broth is used in a whole range of ramens, from shoyu ramen to speedy sweetcorn versions. Miso is also a great broth option if you’re a fan of all the salty, umami goodness it provides. We even have a recipe that uses ham broth, which is not only underrated but also very epic. 


In terms of best broth, there’s no real set answer and it is totally and completely customisable…it really is choose your own adventure when it comes to pork soup, folks! 

What cut of pork is best for soup?

If you’re making a pork soup recipe and you are overwhelmed by all the different cuts of meat you can use, fear not – we have a foolproof guide to all the best cuts of pork to level up your pork soup recipes! 


Firstly, ground pork, if you’re after a speedy topping to a ramen or noodle soup, ground pork will be your best friend! Not only is it super quick, it’s also super easy to pack flavour into…if you’re wanting pork soup ASAP, you should get yourself familiar with ground pork! 


Then there’s bacon, another super quick topping for ramens and broths that really enhances that salty, porky flavour that is quintessential from a pork soup. Ham is another great option especially if you have leftovers from a Christmas lunch and makes for not only an unreal broth but also an epic ramen topping! 


Pork shoulder is another option, you can even make char siu BBQ pork from pork shoulder which is a classic noodle soup topping and will change the way you see pork soup, guaranteed!