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Marion’s Kitchen ham recipes

Whether you’ve been put in charge of Christmas dinner. Or you’re just a fan of ham, these are the best ham recipes that will transform the way you think about ham! 


From sweet and fruity maple and mango glazes to a whole lot of ways to use up your surplus of leftovers, these really are the ultimate ham recipes…and they’re so much better than a plain old ham sandwich.


These recipes are the perfect way to shake off those post-celebration blues. Refuel and recharge the right way with these delicious dishes. And there’s pretty much no food wastage! Huge Result!

What can I add to ham for flavor?

The best way to add flavour into a ham is with the glaze you choose to smother it in! We have so many recipes for sooo many epic ham glazes that will be beyond impressive for your celebratory spread. Think chilli and ginger or maybe maple and mango, even a sticky glazed char siu ham (inspired by the Chinese pork shoulder dish of course)! Packing flavour into a ham might seem like it’s a huge challenge to tackle, but these ham recipes make it super simple! Even a total newbie can do it! 


What to make with leftover ham?

The one thing about ham is that once you make it, you really are stuck with leftovers for the next seven to 10 business days (which is a pretty delicious problem to have). But if you’re wondering how to use up all those leftovers after your pork feast, ham is super versatile, and these ham recipes will have you re-thinking how you use ham. Firstly, ham makes a surprisingly delicious topping for pork soups and ramens, and it makes for a pretty unreal broth too! Then there’s the salads, which of course will only ever be improved by a huge hunk of ham on top. You can also transform your leftover ham into delicious, juicy dumplings, or use it on top of a bed of noodles, or in a pork stir-fry. You can use it to spice up your breakfast meal preps and it’s perfect when paired with eggs. 


Ham is seriously underrated, and seriously versatile, so next time you find yourself cursing the surplus of ham taking up space in your fridge – come back and check on these ham recipes, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!