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Marion’s Kitchen ground pork recipes

These are ground pork recipes like you’ve never seen before! Chock full of flavour and with the ultimate ‘WOW’ factor. We’ve got you covered for just about every occasion. From impressive (and easy) Thai green curry wontons, to ultra quick family faves like our 15-minute bolognese. 


Ground pork is a staple ingredient that everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, should have on hand, always. Super versatile, super tasty and with so much room to customise all your dinner dishes.


There’s so much to be done with ground pork, and these recipes will have you squealing like a stuck pig (with joy!!).

What can be made from ground pork?

You can create so many delicious dishes using ground pork, and it’s a pretty quick and affordable way to get dinner on the table, too! These ground pork recipes are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what you can do with this wonder ingredient, there are too many delicious options to choose from! If you’ve got a mound of frozen ground pork taking up precious real estate in your freezer, fear not, these are the ground pork recipes that will have you excited to use it! 


Pork is super versatile, and ground pork even more so! Which is a huge part of its charm, you can add it to pork stir-fry to make for a super quick weeknight dinner, transform it into a pasta sauce, chuck it on top of noodles or use it as a topping for your fave pork soup or ramen


You don’t have to whip out the pork shoulder every time you want a delicious porky feast. There are just so many ways to use ground pork that are anything but boring! These ground pork recipes are not only uber tasty, they’re also super simple – these are the recipes that the whole fam is sure to looove! 


Can I use ground pork instead of ground beef?

You can totally replace ground beef with ground pork if that’s what you have on hand! Do keep in mind though that the flavours of both ground meats do differ quite substantially so your recipes that you sub beef out for pork will have a more distinctly porky flavour to them. But if that’s what you’re after then absolutely make the switch – go forth into the world of ground pork, friends!