Marion’s Kitchen bacon recipes

These are the ultimate recipes for all you bacon lovers out there. These bacon recipes are so much more than your standard eggs and bacon! 


If you can always get around a crispy bit of bacon, I don’t blame you. But there are so many ways to use it that don’t involve just tossing it in the pan. Full of all the bacon-y, salty goodness your heart could ever desire. These are the recipes you’ve got to try ASAP.


Bacon dumpling noodle soups, gochujang chicken and bacon pies, the ULTIMATE chilli BLT and so much more…who said bacon was just for breakfast?!

What can I do with a lot of bacon?

If you have got a surplus of bacon kicking about and you just aren’t sure how to use it, I have all the answers you need (in the form of some totally epic bacon recipes of course)! There are so many ways to use bacon that are more than the standard bacon and eggs breaky, and I am here to prove that to you! 


Firstly, something that isn’t often considered with this variety of pork product is adding it to a pork soup, not only does it add an extra savoury, saltiness that is oh so good, but it is a totally underrated way to use up the bacon you’ve got hanging about. You can also add it into noodles and pastas, salads, pork stir-fries and even use it for pies! Of course it also makes for one of the main components in a true breakfast of champions, and very few breakfast spreads or sandwiches are complete without some bacon-y goodness.  It truly is one of the most versatile (and frankly, delicious) ingredients out there.


If you’re looking for a way to spice up your mundane dishes with some salty, meaty goodness then bacon is definitely the go. And it’s such a simple solution too! Of course, there’s nothing wrong with the classic bacon and eggs, but bacon should not be labelled as a breakfast only food. If it was up to me, I would be including bacon in all my recipes, morning, noon and night!