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Marion’s Kitchen Udon Noodle Recipes

Udon noodles are one of my all time favourite noodles to use in my cooking! And these udon noodle recipes will show you exactly why! Bouncy, chewy and super quick to cook, if you’ve got udon noodles you’ve got dinner! 


From veggie filled, pasta-esque versions to more traditional udon noodle soups, there is something for everyone when it comes to udon noodles. One of the thickest noodle varieties you can get from the supermarket, not only are these noodles super comforting but they are also super filling! 


These recipes will become family favourites in no time – you’ll have the whole fam asking for udon again, and again, and again…

How can I use udon noodles? 

Udon noodles are so delicious, and so super versatile, too! You can really use udon noodles for just about everything, the thick, chewy noodle is perfect to add to your chicken noodle soup recipes. You can even use udon noodles for your stir-fried noodle recipes if you want extra glossy, extra chewy noodle stir-fries. 


AND whilst udon noodles are traditionally used in Japanese cuisine, you totally can incorporate them into dishes from other countries throughout SouthEast Asia. Laksa recipes can absolutely be made using udon noodles, especially if that’s all you have on hand and you’re desperate for a soupy, noodle-y fix! 


What are udon noodles made out of? 

Udon noodles are one of my all time favourite types of noodles to use in my noodle recipes. They’re hick, chewy and the perfect vessel for whatever sauce or soup you fancy. But what are udon noodles really? Udon noodles are a Japanese noodle, commonly used in Japanese cuisine and they are made out of wheat flour. 


If you are ever gallivanting through Japan and you try udon noodles that don’t quite seem like the wheat flour versions you might be used to, fear not! Some regions in Japan make variations of udon noodles using potato starch. Yum! 


What toppings can I add to udon?

You can add whatever you like to your udon noodles! We have recipes using pumpkin, beef, lamb, chicken and even peanuts! The beauty of udon is in the way that it is completely customisable. Add whatever you fancy and dig in!