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Marion’s Kitchen Ramen Noodle Recipes

Who said ramen noodles were only for university students?! These ramen noodle recipes will change the way you think about ramen. With recipes using instant noodles all the way to slow-cooked ramen noodle dishes, there is always something delicious to be made with these noods.

One of my favourite things about ramen noodles is how versatile and customisable they are. You can really transform your standard ramen noodle pack into a dinner fit for a king! Add all your own toppings, lashings of chilli oil and whatever veg you fancy and you’re sorted.

If you’ve got ramen noodles…you have dinner!

What to add to boring ramen?

Ramen, it’s one of the worlds best noodle recipes, probably ever. But if you’re used to the boring, stock standard instant ramen of your uni days then you are sorely mistaken! You can add seriously anything to ramen that takes it from a boring, cheap, rent week meal, all the way to a dish you could whip up for a date night! 


You can add veggies, make your own stocks and broths, add proteins, soy marinated eggs, chilli sauces, oils – truly there is SO much to be done with ramen noodles. 


You can even turn your run of the mill ramen noodles into a totally epic stir fried noodle recipe! So much to be done, ramen noodles are so delicious and so very versatile. 


How are ramen noodles different?

Unlike rice noodle recipes, or any glass noodle recipes you stumble across…ramen noodle recipes have one major difference. Ramen noodles are wheat noodles – so they aren’t gluten free. They are also normally super thin so they are also completely unlike udon noodle recipes


Ramen noodles are also typically served in a soup or a broth, rather than being tossed through a sauce or as a stir-fry.  Ramen noodles are perfect to have on hand for when you want a delish noodle dish FAST. There is so much more to be said for ramen noodles, and their reputation as a quick meal reserved for uni students and lazy teenagers is simply not true, ramen is delicious and everyone should add more ramen noodles to their day-to-day life.