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Marion’s Kitchen Pad Thai Recipes

If there’s one staple recipe for Marion’s Kitchen, it’s pad Thai! And these pad Thai noodle recipes are the perfect way to get traditional Thai flavours…just faster! Pad Thai will quickly become a regular on your weeknight dinner recipe rotations, with it being the ultimate family favourite. 


From traditional pad Thai to versions you can whip up with what you already have in your pantry. There are so many versions of this iconic dish to try.


Add the protein of your choice, alongside your favourite veg and you have a real weeknight winner on your hands. Simple, delicious and the ultimate crowd pleaser, it’s always time for pad Thai!

What noodles are best for pad Thai?

Pad Thai recipes are a type of noodle recipe that is one of  THE most iconic dishes when it comes to SouthEast Asian cuisine. And the most important part of any noodle dish is of course, the noodles used. 


Pad Thai recipes use thin rice noodles, which is one of the main differences between many pad Thai recipes and pad see ew recipes. Pad see ew uses thick rice noodles, which you definitely can use in pad Thai if that’s all you have on hand. As long as you are using rice noodle recipes, you are good to go! 


What is Pad Thai sauce made of?

Like many stir fried noodle recipes, pad Thai is only as good as its sauce. And the most important part of a good pad Thai sauce is the tanginess. A good pad Thai is a little bit sweet, a little bit salty and a little bit tangy, and that signature tang comes from the signature ingredient – tamarind. Tamarind is one of the most important ingredients in your pad Thai sauce especially if you’re looking to create a more traditional pad Thai. 


It’s definitely worth trying to track down some tamarind if you’re on your traditional pad Thai journey! 


What kind of meat is best in Pad Thai?

Whatever meat you like! You can add chicken, pork, prawns, seafood…truly whatever you fancy! The world is your oyster when it comes to pad Thai, it’s totally customisable and you can add whatever ingredients you and your family fancy.