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Marion’s Kitchen Pad See Ew Recipes

Pad see ew is an iconic Thai stir-fried noodle dish. And these are pad see ew noodle that recipes will have you transported to Thailand from the comfort of your own kitchen. Pad see ew is commonly found on the streets of Thailand, sold by street vendors – but you don’t need to catch a flight to have traditional and delicious pad see ew! 


We have versions with prawn, with pork and even with chicken – there’s a pad see ew recipe that everyone is guaranteed to fall in love with! 


Super simple to master but oh so delicious, you need to add pad see ew to your recipe repertoire ASAP!

What is pad see ew sauce made of?

Pad see ew is a noodle recipe that is so simple to make and so delicious! This dish is a stir fried noodle recipe in which the main component is a super simple stir fry sauce, but what is pad see ew sauce actually made from? One of the best things about pad see ew is that it is made predominantly of pantry staples. The super simple sauce is composed mostly of soy sauce, added to this is dark sweet soy sauce, occasionally oyster sauce, vinegar and sugar. So simple but so. darn. good. 


What is the difference between pad Thai and pad see ew?

There are two major differences between pad see ew recipes and pad Thai recipes. The first big difference is in the noodles used, pad Thai uses thin rice noodles most commonly, whilst pad see ew tends to use a thicker, wider rice noodle.


The second main difference is the sauce. Pad Thai sauce is all about the tang, and thus the pinnacle ingredient used is tamarind. Pad see ew on the other hand gets the primary flavour from the use of soy sauce making it a more salty, savoury noodle dish when compared with pad Thai. 


What type of noodle is used in pad see ew?

There are two noodle types that tend to work best for pad see ew. Firstly you will be able to find many rice noodle recipes for pad see ew, thick rice noodles are what this dish is traditionally made with. You may also stumble across some glass noodle recipes for pad see ew, it’s less common, but equally as delicious – trust me!