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Marion’s Kitchen Ground Lamb Recipes

If you’ve never had ground lamb you are seriously missing out! These ground lamb recipes will convert you to an official lamb lover! From juicy, flavour packed dumplings to a mouth-numbing sichuan shepherds pie and super speedy dinners to whip up on the weeknights – ground lamb is what your dinner rotation has been sorely missing! 


If you love lamb but just don’t want the fuss of a roast – ground lamb is where it’s at. All the lamby goodness with waaaaay less of the cooking time! These recipes are perfect for the whole fam. Quick, delicious and totally different, you won’t regret adding more lamb into your recipe repertoire.

What can be made from ground lamb?

Ground lamb is super versatile and is a great way to get your lamb fix without spending too much time in the kitchen. Ground lamb recipes are much quicker and much easier to master than lamb leg recipes or even lamb shoulder recipes. It’s a super speedy way to have lamb on the weeknights. 


In terms of what you can make with ground lamb – the world is really your oyster. You can make just about anything using ground lamb! You can make lamb dumplings, lamb san choy bow lettuce cups and of course you can use ground lamb to make the cult favourite recipes like a shepherd’s pie. My version of a shepherd’s pie has an Asian twist (of course), which makes it just so much better! 


What spices and herbs are best with lamb?

If you’re wanting to level up your lamb recipes but you’re not sure what the best herbs and spices that pair with lamb fear not! There are so many herbs and spices that pair really well with lamb. 


In terms of herbs that pair the best, rosemary is of course a classic with lamb. Mint is also really great with lamb (hello, there’s a reason your grandparents always had mint jelly with their Sunday roasts). Oregano and thyme are also both really great herbs to pair lamb with. 


In terms of spices to use with lamb, you want to stick with things like garlic powder, coriander, cumin, paprika, chilli and mustard powder.