Marion’s Kitchen Japanese-style Ginger and Sesame recipes

Ginger is a fabulous addition to salads and this dressing has just the right amount of kick to provide interest – try with grilled chicken for a fresh take.

What is Ginger sesame dressing made of?

Ginger sesame dressing is one of the best ever flavour combinations. Combining the flavours of soy sauce, ginger and of course sesame – This Japanese inspired ginger sesame dressing definitely isn’t just for salads! 


 How to Use Ginger Sesame Dressing?

Ginger sesame dressing makes an epic salad dressing, but it also works super well drizzled over roasted veggies or as a sauce for grilled chicken or salmon. Some of our best recipes using ginger sesame dressing are the Miso Grilled Chicken Salad Bowl or drizzled over Roasted Japanese-style Eggplant