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Marion’s Kitchen Snapper recipes

So many things to be done with snapper…so little time! These snapper recipes will have you wishing for more hours in the day JUST so you can try them all. 


Not only is snapper super delicious, but it is also SO versatile – if you’re on the hunt for a foolproof fish, snapper should be your new go to. Snapper is the fish that can really do it all, you can fry it, you can throw it in a curry, use it to make prawn toast or fishcakes, grill it on the BBQ…and that’s not even the half of it! 


You truly can’t go past it, snapper will completely transform the way you think about fish. No more boring, bland, soggy fish here people. These snapper recipes are revolutionising the fish game.

What is the best way to eat snapper?

Snapper is so versatile, and there are so many more ways to use snapper in all your fish recipes than meets the eye! You can use snapper in your fish cake recipes, you can use it to make prawn toast, you can deep fry it, stir fry snapper, steam it, or add it to a curry. 


Snapper fillets are so versatile and can be used for literally any fish recipe you have in mind. Snapper is the perfect fish for newbies and professionals alike. If you haven’t added snapper to your fish recipe repertoire, it is a must try! 


What is the best way to cook snapper? 

If you’re looking for a fish that is super versatile, snapper is your new best friend! No more weeknight canned tuna recipes, snapper is just as easy AND just as delicious. 


Unlike your salmon recipes, which tend to be best pan-fried, there is no one way to cook snapper. Snapper recipes can be cooked in so many ways, but it is still a super easy, and super quick fish to master. 


You can use it to make Chinese-esque lemon fish which involves deep-frying your snapper. You can grill the entire fish on the barbecue, or roast snapper whole in the oven. Snapper is perfect when you’re trying to wrap your head around steaming fish, you can use it to make fried fish tacos, stir-fries, fish curries. Truly just about every fish recipe is better when you use snapper!