Marion’s Kitchen Salmon recipes

Salmon – it’s a staple in my house. There are just so many things to be done with the humble salmon. If you’ve been in a rut when it comes to cooking (and eating) your omega-3 filled fish, these salmon recipes are here to help. 


We have got it ALL, from fancy pastry wrapped date-night dinners, to salmon salads that will give your coworkers serious lunch envy at break time. 


You can poach it, you can grill it, you can get the skin all crispy – so many recipes…so little time to try them all out! These are the salmon recipes the whole family can get behind.

What is the best cooking method for salmon?

If you’ve got a stack of fish recipes you’re waiting patiently to try, these salmon recipes should be at the very top of the list! Unlike Whilst you may be more accustomed to tuna recipes that require very little cooking time, or snapper recipes where baking is key, or even if you’ve been on a deep frying kick post loads of fish cake recipes. Cooking salmon is a bit different though! 


When cooking salmon, the best method is definitely to pan fry. There are a heap of reasons that make pan frying the ultimate salmon cooking method. Firstly, it’s quick, pan frying is one of the fastest ways to get your salmon from fridge to dinner table. Secondly, it’s super simple! Seriously, it’s so easy and there are no fancy skills or gadgets required. And lastly (and most importantly), Pan frying is THE way to get that perfect crispy, crunchy skin that no salmon recipe is complete without. 


Pan frying salmon is the way to go if you want a flavour-packed, super speedy weeknight dinner in less than 30-minutes! 


What does salmon go well with?

There are so many things that pair super well with salmon. Salads are improved tenfold when you add salmon into the mix. You can even use salmon to make your fishcakes extra delicious. You can even marinate your salmon with your favourite marinades to make delicious barbecued salmon skewers. 


One thing is for sure, salmon goes with absolutely EVERYTHING!